Artificial Intelligence SME

Artificial Intelligence and SMEs

23 / 03 / 2021

Marin Iuga gives an overview of his talk at the Data Forum event

Artificial Intelligence remains one of the main strategic differentiators in winning the global competitiveness race in the decades to come. European Union is trying to shape its own strategy to close the AI gap with US and China; finding its own model and strategy for differentiation (such a more prominent accent on human centric AI).

However, the one of the most important drivers for success in gaining the competitive edge with AI remains the adoption and utilization of AI by the European SMEs. They are the agents capable of realizing the potential of AI and producing the expected value and benefits to the society – without a meaningful adoption of AI by SMEs the European Union will keep lagging behind other major blocks such as US and China.

Still, SMEs are struggling to find viable business model, to integrate themselves in the global circuit of value by creating truly unique products and services. Let’s find more about this by trying to find answers to the following questions:

  • What differentiates the high and low performers in the AI economy?
  • What are the challenges that SMEs struggle with in the AI field?
  • What can be the possible strategies that can be adopted to overcome such struggles?

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