Legal barriers to cross-border data sharing

Data Forum talks: Legal barriers to cross-border data sharing

20 / 03 / 2021

Julie Baloup from KU Leven gives us a sneak peek into her talk at the Data Forum event.

The GDPR adopted in 2016 to foster trust for data processing is the foundation for the free flow of personal data in the EU, allowing the digital economy to develop across the internal market.

To further increase the cross-border exchange of data and boost the data economy, the regulation on the free flow of non-personal data was adopted in 2018, allowing companies and public administrations to store and process non-personal data wherever they choose in the EU. As a result, a comprehensive legal framework ensures the free flow of all data within the EU. However, it remains possible for Member States to implement restrictions that may fragment this common legal framework.

In addition, other legal issues hinder the EU cross-border exchange of data such as, among other things, the lack of trust in data sharing and in the emerging data intermediaries as well as the lack of access to machine generated data, issues that are to be tackled under the new European strategy for data adopted by the European Commission in February 2020.

These legal challenges will be addressed through the lens of the EUH4D project at the Data Forum event, 30 March.

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