Data Services by SMEs, for SMEs

21 / 05 / 2021

 How can SMEs enable traditional industries adopt AI and data services?

While the pace of European digitalisation is slowly increasing, this is not happening in a harmonised and horizontal manner across all industries. For many companies, and many traditional industries, AI and data services are not yet tools that are part of daily business life. They remain inaccessible and underexploited.

This doesn’t have to be the case! Members of the European DIGITAL SME Alliance are specialists in bringing data services and AI applications to non-digitised companies, and have the success stories to prove this. Despite these technologies often sounding highly technical and complex, this session will show that they can be adopted very simply and effectively by SMEs.

However, such success stories can only be multiplied and scaled if more SMEs have access to the data, skills and technologies, to adopt the services, as well as guidance on digitalisation.

Europe’s Digital Innovation Hubs have a key role to play in facilitating this, and can enable the digitalisation of European industry to take off!. This panel will explore the services that SMEs can offer to other SMEs, and how Digital Innovation Hubs can support this, through looking at the following questions:

What services can be offered by SMEs, and how can these be applied to traditional, analog industries?

What are the challenges and opportunities of digitalization for SMEs

How are these services supported by Digital Innovation Hubs?

Which areas still need greater support from Digital Innovation Hubs?

Register now to the Data Week event here , add the session to your personal agenda. 25 May at 2PM.