How Can DIHs Help Gearing up the Data Skills in Europe?

17 / 05 / 2021

DIHs across Europe can contribute to the data related trainings and hence contribute to close the data skill gap in Europe.

In the last ten years, the technology world has shaken by the developments on data and related technologies. The emergence of deep learning and the available data and the computing power has opened many possibilities through the groundbreaking applications of artificial intelligence. Data science, big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence are now the terms everybody know and talk about

The new digital age requires more and more data savvy professionals and to catch the trend every country should invest in the data skills. Although this is known and perceived well – fostering the digital skills among the workforce is not a trivial task. Because of the fact that datarelated technologies are very dynamic and ever evolving, catching up with the current developments is challenging. European countries are now facing this challenge and guided efforts are needed to equip the work force of the European Union with all sorts of data-related skills. Otherwise, Europe could lag behind in one of the most promising technology transformations of the history.

European countries have many organizational instruments and capabilities to promote data skills among their citizens.

Europe has many great universities as well as research institutions and technology hubs. Among them, the so-called digital innovation hubs can play a pivotal role in bringing data skills to the workforce of their countries. These hubs have many experts and strong ties with the industry. This makes them capable and competitive organizations in data related technologies

To identify the challenges and opportunities that data innovation hubs can tackle and provide in promoting data skills across Europe, we’re organizing a panel session on Data Week event on 26 May at 2 PM to answer the following questions: 

What is the importance of data skills for the European economies?

What is the current state of the data skills gap in Europe?

What can we do to close the data related skills gap?

What would be the roles of data innovation hubs to facilitate acquiring the data related skills?

Join usto the Data Week event here , add the session to your personal agenda and be part of the discussion. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!