DataWeek2023: Pioneering Synergies and Ethical Innovations at the Edge of Data

19 / 07 / 2023

DataWeek2023 was recently concluded, drawing more than 200 enthusiastic participants who thoroughly enjoyed the diverse sessions, engaging panels, and thought-provoking talks, all revolving around the theme “Data Meets Infrastructure at the Edge”.
Co-organized by EUHubs4Data in collaboration with BDVA and RISE, the event kicked off with an opening and welcome session where EUH4D coordinator Daniel Saez shared the project’s timeline and emphasized the crucial pillars of the i-Spaces federation. He also highlighted the rich tradition of events that paved the way for the remarkable #DataWeek.
A total of 10 sessions were held under the EUHubs4Data track, each exploring various critical topics.

Synergies and Alignment (Bringing HPC-Data-AI Ecosystems Closer Together):
This session, held in collaboration with EuroCC, aimed to explore and foster synergies between High-Performance Computing (HPC), Data, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) ecosystems. The primary focus was on how to connect and collaborate effectively to ensure that the advancements in these domains benefit society as a whole through data-driven innovation. By bringing these diverse but complementary domains together, the session sought to identify ways to harness their collective potential and create innovative solutions that positively impact various sectors and industries.

EUHubs4Data Data Sharing Activities in Data-Driven Experimentation:
This track was centred around the project’s outcomes, specifically focusing on data-sharing activities within data-driven experimentation. Participants gained insights into the approaches and challenges faced in the EUHubs4Data project concerning Data Interoperability and Data Sharing. The session also involved presenting reports from various experiments that involved data sharing, highlighting the benefits, limitations, and lessons learned from these experiences. Additionally, it touched upon the integration of International Data Spaces (IDS) with some of the Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) services, showcasing how data-sharing initiatives can be effectively integrated into existing infrastructures.

Introduction to Data-Driven Business (Part of the Mobility Programme):
As part of the EUHubs4Data mobility program, this training session aimed to equip project members and participants from Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) and i-Spaces with a comprehensive understanding of data-driven business practices. The training likely covered essential topics such as leveraging data for business insights, developing data-driven strategies, understanding data marketplaces and opportunities, and exploring data monetization models. By providing this training, EUHubs4Data sought to empower participants to make better-informed decisions and foster a data-driven culture within their organizations.

How to Establish Data and AI Ethics Within SME Ecosystems? (A Practical Approach for iSpaces and DIHs to Deliver “Ethics as a Service”):
The final session of the conference was a hands-on course dedicated to addressing ethical challenges in the ever-evolving data landscape, with a particular focus on small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) ecosystems. Trainers delivered invaluable knowledge and tools to navigate the complexities of data and AI ethics responsibly. The session likely explored real-world case studies, best practices, and frameworks for incorporating ethical considerations into data-driven projects. By promoting the delivery of “ethics as a service,” the session aimed to cultivate a culture of responsible and ethical data practices within the iSpaces and DIH communities.

These tracks provided valuable insights, practical knowledge, and collaboration opportunities to the participants, contributing to the overall success of DataWeek2023 and advancing the vision of EUHubs4Data in fostering data-driven innovation and ethical practices within the European data ecosystem.

All the presentations from the EUH4D sessions are now accessible through the event agenda, ensuring that the knowledge and learnings shared during the event continue to be available for wider dissemination.

Notably, the gathering in Lulea also provided an opportunity for the project’s intensive 8th Plenary meeting, fostering valuable exchanges and planning for the project’s future endeavours.

With the overwhelming success of DataWeek2023, participants are now eagerly looking forward to the upcoming European Big Data Value Forum 2023, scheduled to take place in Valencia, Spain, from 25th to 27th October.