EUH4D Developments: Implementing IDSA framework to bring interoperability to the EUH4D Federation

23 / 06 / 2022

Several developments are ongoing in EUHubs4Data, carried out by the partners working on the Toolkit for the federated services team, including partners from CeADAR, CINECA, EGI, IDSA, ITI, IMT, KIT, RISE, KNOW Center, ITA, UL, PSNC and TNO.

On the one hand, there is the implementation of the IDSA framework to create a secure and trusted environment where all the participants of the Federation can exchange data. Currently, the system includes some of the mandatory and recommended components detailed in the Reference Architecture Model, such as the CA, a DAPS, an IDS Broker and several IDS Connectors. These connectors are critical elements in communication between different organizations; in the video below, there is a demonstration of the data exchange processes.

On the other, there is the Catalogue Manager. The software, developed by the project, seeks to expose a common catalogue of technological assets. This web application allows the creation and sharing of services, datasets and training resources. The video demos the upload process of a dataset to the Catalogue to enable its usage by the members of the Federation. Finally, the dataset is processed to produce a Machine Learning model to experiment with additional data.

This is the objective of EUHubs4Data translated into practice: building a European Federation of data driven innovation hubs to drive companie’s innovation and experimentation through the real collaboration among different hubs.

Using the technologies listed above, EUHubs4Data supports companies running Machine Learning experiments and testing the opportunities offered by a federated and distributed environment. As a practical example, a hub provides the infrastructure while another offers its data; using this combination, companies could test outputs helping to create new products or improve existing ones.