The EUH4D Strategic Stakeholders Group: a joint effort towards common goals

20 / 03 / 2023

In its endeavour to establish the reference Federation in Europe for cross-border data-driven experimentation and innovation, the EUHubs4Data project has identified a set of stakeholders of strategic value for the future of such Federation. Those represent the AI, Data and High-Performance Computing ecosystems and are key actors that shape the European competitive ecosystem in which EUH4D operates.

The first meeting of this group was held on 8th March 2023, and aimed at presenting the status and achievements of the project while creating synergies towards increased cooperation at EU level on data sharing and data-driven experimentation and innovation.

To consolidate the group, the first step has been a round of presentations, with a presentation of each organisation and a forecast of engagement opportunities with EUH4D.

The meeting helped to align on the common objectives of the group, from which arose a common need for interoperability and integration.

This refers particularly to the different catalogues of services, that many projects are setting up, and for which each one of those will enormously profit by being supported and cross-referenced by other catalogues and initiatives. Cooperation in this field is paramount, given the complementary composition of the Strategic Stakeholders Group.

Therefore, this shall be considered as one of the main endeavours that this group can work on, leveraging on the experience and ecosystem that each member can bring on board, as well as the shared interest in achieving better integration and data-sharing.

This need matches the value proposition of EUH4D and its goal of placing itself as the entry point for other European initiatives, such as European Data Spaces; AI networks, networks of EDIHs and AI Testing and Experimentation Facilities, to a federated and distributed experimentation environment.

The meeting has given momentum to a new, multi-faceted group of experts in the data-sharing domain with a common goal of accelerating data-driven innovation in Europe.