Expanding the EUHubs4Data Federation Data Space based on the IDS framework

21 / 03 / 2022

Context of the experiment

EGI supported the experiment IoT SESOD during the first open call launched by EUHubs4Data. IoT SESOD aims to generate complete and accurate IoT firmware Software Bill of Materials (SBoM) and always-up-to-date vulnerability (CVE) mappings. In this framework, EGI has been powering the platform with dedicated Compute and Storage capacity.

EGI implemented an Adapter component to integrate one of its data management services (EGI DataHub) with the IDS DataSpace Connector to share the data collections available by the service via IDS.

Ad-hoc development increases the interoperability of the Federation.

EGI implemented an Adapter component to act as the interface between one of its data management services (EGI DataHub) and an IDS DataSpace Connector, allowing data publication and enabling the producer/owner of the data to retain sovereignty over the data (i.e. the owner can control the access conditions and usage policies). Part of the datasets resulting from the IoT SESOD experiment will be made available by Binare Oy, stored in EGI DataHub, and eventually consumed via the IDS Connector.

Thanks to EGI support and mentoring in EUHubs4Data, Binare.io benefited from the first-class support of researchers and Cloud specialists. Overall, EGI and its infrastructure partners offered Binare access to a whopping 2.1 million CPU hours and 4.2 million GB-RAM hours of computing power over nine months.