How SMEs can Promote Citizen Centric AI and Responsible Data Use

25 / 05 / 2021

How can SMEs promote privacy by design so that the European data economy puts citizens’ rights at its centre

The European data market is growing daily. As data exchanges increase and the European data economy takes off, the tension between exploiting available data for business use and privacy concerns regarding the use of individuals data by companies also grow. This is being addressed at a European level through legalisation such as the GDPR and forthcoming ePrivacy Regulation, but it also has an impact on the daily work of businesses.

While complying with legislation is a necessary step for all businesses, it is possible to take data and AI services one step further and build privacy-by-design into the services that are offered by SMEs, and put citizens and their rights at the core of Europe’s data economy.

This ensures that fundamental European values are protected.
At the same time, this enables European service providers to offer extra value to their customers by respecting the rights of individuals, and ensuring their services are fair and free from biases.

This panel, taking place on 27 May at 9:30AM, will explore what responsible data use means and how this relates to citizens, and what SMEs can do to promote this through discussions with service providers, Digital Innovation Hubs and privacy experts.

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