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Practical lessons from EUH4D experience

23st MARCH 2023

THE HAGUE – 23st MARCH 2023


The creation of common data spaces is very promising to foster data sharing in Europe, in this sense, it is interesting to highlight the work of different initiatives and projects in recent years paving the way towards a vibrant EU economy based on data, addressing obstacles for data-driven experimentation, and producing a myriad of resources, assets, learning experience and best practices that your organization should not ignore.

EUHubs4Data as the major EU initiative focused on data driven experimentation has been working on the federation of assets, connection of key knowledge among hubs, building a federated and cross-border catalogue of services and datasets and make it available to European organizations and in particular supporting data-driven experimentation by SME and startups.

Our major outcomes include a working deployment of IDSA connectors between data hubs and a catalogue manager that organizes the publication and sharing of EUHubs4Data catalog assets, a federated network of data hubs covering most EU countries and 42 data-driven experiments thanks to which we are the frontrunners in extracting lessons on how to deal with the complex regulatory environment and ethical aspects associated to data and AI applications.

The Data Forum this year will compile all this learning experience and will share it with an audience eager to accelerate the development of data-driven applications and services. If you are interested in data spaces, you should not miss this event. Thanks to EUH4D you will acquire a lot of knowledge to use in our data space development path. 


9:30 - 9:40Welcome and introduction In this slot, Daniel Sáez, as coordinator of EUHubs4Data project and organiser of this deep-dive event, will introduce the objectives and contents of EUH4D Data Forum 2023.Daniel Saez
Technology Transfer Director (ITI)
9:40 - 10:20 The power of a federation of iSpacesIn this slot, the value of the Federation will be shown as an integrated group of more than 30 iSpaces/hubs working collaboratively. EUHubs4Data represents an extremely powerful instrument for boosting the data economy in Europe. Each iSpace has broad connections to its local ecosystem and knows quite well the problems that the SMEs have and the level of maturity of its region. In addition, iSpaces have their own infrastructures and tools for supporting the experimentation with data technologies but also to connect with the other hubs to share data or share computing resources. Then, EUHubs4Data is a federation of infrastructures for data experimentation that creates a pan-european catalogue of data services and data sources totally aligned with the European principles included in the European Data Strategy and the Digital Decade, becoming clearly a lighthouse for showing how concepts about data sovereignty, data marketplaces, data service composition, … can work.
As part of the session, the three levels of the project will be presented. First, an SME from the local ecosystem will talk about its experience. Second, an iSpace will present how a hub is working inside the federation. Third, BDVA will present how the federation is planned to be governed and how the federation is being a key actor for other initiatives
Ana García
Secretary General (BDVA)

Daniel Saez
Technology Transfer Director (ITI)

Carlos Mantilla

Marcin Plociennik

10:20 - 11:00EUHubs4Data Federated catalogue for data spacesIn this slot, the team will share the challenges and lessons learned while designing, building, and using the federated catalogue. We will address the following issues: What is EUH4D federated catalogue and what are its components; Why interoperability is important and how it is dealt with by the project and the benefit for the DIHs and their network; What are the main challenges federating datasets. We will conclude by discussing the future of the catalogue as the main asset of the future federation.Andrea Manzi
Data Solutions Manager (EGI)

Antoine Garnier
Senior Project Manager (IDSA)

>Guillermo Amat(ITI)

>Natalie Cernecka(Teralab)
11:00 - 11:30Break
11:30 - 12:00 Why FAIR is not enough: Practical Ethics and Compliance for Data (Re-)Use in Innovation Experiments
In an ideal world all data is openly usable and there are no risks resulting from innovation. Practically, it is particularly hard for both for small companies but also for cross-sectoral innovation and data spaces supporting them to consider legal and ethical risks from development to deployment in a multi-dimensional fashion. The EUHubs4Data has made very practical experiences from monitoring, supporting and reporting on 42 experiments with SMEs and innovation hubs. In this session we will practically look at the problems and best practices on data (re-)use from a legal, ethical and data management perspective. We hope that particularly other initiatives but also single stakeholders working with e.g. personal, copyrighted and/or security relevant data can learn from our experience.Till Riedel
Lab Lead (KIT)

Roberta Turra
Team Lead (CINECA)

>Patricia Faraldo Cabana(UDC)
12:00 - 12:30Data Act and Data Governance Act: hurdles or opportunities?
'The discussion will revolve around the implications of emerging data policies and regulations and how they relate to the Digital Decade. We will also tackle the legal implications deriving from the 42 data-driven experiments, especially on how to deal with the complex regulatory environment and ethical aspects linked to data and AI applicationsTervel Bobev
Researcher (KU Leuven)

Viltė Kristina Dessers
Senior Research Associate (KU Leuven)


Data Forum is an annual event organized by the EUHubs4Data project, created to raise awareness, share results and recommendations and collect feedback on strategies and policies around data from the European Commission.

The 2023 edition will be held on March 23st in the Hague.

The event is organized as a part of the Data Space Symposium & Deep Dive.