Place: Online

This workshop will discuss the evolution of data management architectures, pointing to their characteristics and their role in data-driven information systems that support advanced data analytics environments. This includes the presentation of the Technology for Adaptive Data Analytics (TADA) concept, which uses Machine Learning and Metaheuristics for data-based decision support, and a general presentation describing common issues and challenges related to data management when deploying artificial intelligence (AI) solutions in manufacturing settings. The importance of data in industry 4.0 and in smart grid applications will be discussed based on their opportunities and technological challenges.


14:30 Welcome session – Pedro Rocha
14:40 Technology for Adaptive Data Analytics – Paulo Cortez
15:00 Data Management Architectures in Advanced Data Analytics – Maribel Yasmina Santos
15:20 Coffee break
15:35 Manufacturing data challenges: data acquisition and management for AI – Hugo Ferreira
15:55 Data in industry: opportunities and technological challenges – Carlos Ramos
16:15 Inspection and Testing data for Zero Defect Manufacturing – Artem Nazarenko
16:35 Data in smart grids: opportunities and technological challenges – Zita Vale
16:55 Q&A
17:20 Closing of the workshop

Language: English

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