Lead by: ITI

Place: Local event. Valencia, Spain

ITI organizes this regional workshop tackling the role of the i-Spaces as a gateway for companies to a trusted environment to innovate and experiment with data. The main goals of this session are to open a space for reflection on the needs and challenges for the main sectors of the region and to present the initiatives, strategies and opportunities behind the intensive use of data in the economy and society.

The i-Spaces provide innovation and experimentation environments where companies, in their respective ecosystems, could have their data-driven and AI-related products and solutions piloted, tested, and exploited before going to the market.

During this event, the speakers will present a national framework, addressing policy insights and strategies from the EU. Also, a panel with companies coming from tourism, agriculture, health, and mobility/smart cities sectors of the Valencia region in Spain, will serve as a space for discussion on the needs and challenges behind the experimentation and data sharing.

ITI will present the concept of BDVA i-Spaces and the main initiatives and projects that are being carried out related to these topics, to transfer this knowledge and opportunities to SMEs, enterprises, society, and public administrations. Furthermore, the speakers will present some ICT solutions developed by the technological companies of the region.

Location: Salón Actos Cubo Rojo- Ciudad Politécnica de la Innovación-UPV| Valencia, Spain

Language: Spanish

More info and registration: https://www.iti.es/eventos/retos-y-oportunidades-para-las-empresas-en-la-economia-del-dato-ecosistemas-de-experimentacion-i-spaces-como-punto-de-acceso-a-los-eu-data-spaces/