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AI Carbon Hub or AICH

Artificial Intelligence Platform for a Carbon Market HUB

Latitudo 40
Agriculture data space, Green Deal data space


AICH is an innovative platform that enables carbon credit trading on a voluntary basis through the integrated management of the service cycle, from the analysis and quantification of the CO2 sequestered by a forest area to the management of the exchange between a landowner and a private company interested in improving its environmental footprint.

AI Carbon HUB aims to create a marketplace to connect the supply and demand of carbon credits based on the integrated use of remote sensing, artificial intelligence-based image analysis to accurately measure the carbon sequestered from forest areas and tokenization of the information in a low energy blockchain to ensure maximum transparency of the information provided.

AI algorithms applied to multispectral and radar images will be used to estimate forest aboveground biomass. Carbon credits generated by a forest will be recorded on the blockchain to provide transparency.

Main Objectives

Through the AI Carbon Hub experiment, Latitudo 40 aims to:

  • Improve its Above Ground Biomass estimation algorithm using AI applied di satellite images;
  • Create a carbon credit evaluation tool for small landowners;
  • Create an MVP for voluntary carbon credits marketplace for SMEs that want to compensate their carbon footprint.
Main innovations

Satellite approach is an innovation factor compared to the offer available on the market, which uses empirical CO2 estimation methods and results onsite inspections and precise measurements on the scene. The combined use of different data sources and satellite images makes it possible to estimate carbon fluxes over very large areas. Another innovation is the integration with an energy-efficient blockchain/DLT (such as CORDA or MATIC)


AICH is in line with EU 2050 sustainability goals with a new tool to calculate the amount of CO2 captured from forests, accurately and transparently. It also contributes to the enhancement and protection of Europe's forest heritage.

Key Exploitable Results (KERS)
  • Create a new remote sensing / AI based algorithm to calculate the amount of Co2 sequestered from a specific forest area;
  • Have a multi-temporal representation of the evolution of a forest on specific benchmarks (Co2 sequestred, quality of the trees, biodiversity)
  • Create a new marketplace to ensure the connection between demand (private companies for carbon offset) and supply (landowners), with an online transaction process
Technical KPIS
  • Validated AI/ML model for tree counting and carbon measurement ready for platform integration
  • Availability of datasets in system’s processing components for model validation and/or training
  • Automatic Forest identification model
  • AI Carbon HUB Marketplace MVP


Latitudo 40 created a fully automated and flexible solution to apply AI/ML algorithms to remote sensing satellite imagery with a focus on applications in urban environment monitoring risk analysis.