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Energy Optimization, Inefficiency Detection and Decarbonization using AI

AI, Analytics, Energy, Smart / Digital City
Energy AI


Builtrix was selected in the 2nd open call of EUHubs4Data (EUH4D) to extend its business and technical capabilities by partnership with key EU Data Driven Innovation Hubs (DIHs).

Through EnergAI project, three EU DIHs, CeADAR (Ireland), Know center (Austria), and Aragon (Spain) will help Builtrix to further develop its technical solution, find market-product fit in their EU target countries and develop a trusted, scalable, and secure energy big data architecture.

Builtrix will use EUH4D data catalogue and resources to further enhance its offering in the energy market. Builtrix’s EnergAI experiment will contribute to the growth of the global data economy and common European data spaces and will join the Cross-Border Data Driven experiments program.


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I-Spaces Involved

Main Objectives

The aim of EnergAI experiment is to deliver innovative data-driven services for energy experts, consultants, and facility managers to uncover abnormalities and energy-saving opportunities in their buildings.

Main innovations

EnergAI main innovations are the data pipeline for ingestion and process of energy big data, and AI models for value creation (i.e., dynamic load balancing, efficient use of renewable energy sources, and anomaly detection).
EnergAI is hardware-independent and supports the data interoperability and sovereignty strategies defined for the EU Energy Data Space. This innovation makes EnergAI a unique enabling-solution for the existing monitoring systems in the energy analytics market.


As an energy analytic solution, the main impacts of EnergAI are defined around energy consumption reduction and decarbonization of energy resources. Also, EnergAI experiment aim to bring two impacts to the EU energy and data job market: 1- creating new job profiles around data analytics, and 2- disrupting the current unbalanced gender equality around PropTech by making it more data-driven.

Key Exploitable Results (KERS)

Our key expected results are to upgrade our Energy analytics platform into a wide-European service provisioning level (technical & business wise) and increase our competitiveness in the growth market. The experiment is planned to upgrade the accuracy and robustness of our big data processing tools and AI algorithms that will considerably elevate the USP of Builtrix energy intelligence solution, and so its competitiveness in the market.

Technical KPIS

During the EnergAI project we will increase the accuracy of our Machine Learning models with the supports provided by CeADAR and Aragon DIHs.
We will also increase the performance of our big data processing platform.
More importantly, we will demonstrate our solution using new datasets from a new EU region and generate new datasets for other stakeholders in the EU energy market.


Builtrix is a fast-growing provider of data-driven energy intelligence solutions for energy experts, consultants, and facility managers. Builtrix has a cloud-based solution that combines big data analytics and artificial intelligence with energy efficiency. Its' SaaS solution enables facility and property managers, energy services providers and consultants to understand the energy consumption, analyze usage patterns as well as inefficiencies, and detect anomalies in real-time.