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Development of Ferment.AI: Digital Microscopy & AI for fermentation process monitoring

Sonicat Systems
Ferment AI


Our company has developed Honey.AI, an automated microscope for honey analysis with AI.

Our intention is to evolve our product to be capable to replicate the same concept but for fermentation control, by means of providing an automated counter of different yeasts and bacteria for the food industry. During the project, we will use different datasets provided from different external entities to train the system and discriminate. The selected DIH services will support us in terms of Technical development (Service 1), GPU Infrastructure for training (service 2) and Business Model development (Service 3).


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Main Objectives

Evolve Honey.AI (www.honey-ai.com)

Main innovations

With Ferment.AI experiment the final objective of the project is to develop and validate the operation of a system based on digital microscopy and Artificial Intelligence for the detection and counting of microorganisms in samples of fermented mediums. The main innovations would be to develop an on site, almost real-time cloud application for fermentation monitoring with different microorganisms (yeast & bacteria) that will allow fast, accurate and affordable analysis for the food sector. The device would be ready in 2023, since is an evolution of Honey.AI

Key Exploitable Results (KERS)

Ferment.AI experiment would achieve Key Exploitable Results (KER) that would be delivered to market in the form of an innovative data driven product/service. It will be linked to our current business in terms of: same suppliers of components, similar device and technology
(slightly modified), similar business model, and also targeted for the food industry, although different specific sector.

Technical KPIS
  • Number of Pictures Datasets
  • Accuracy Predictions
  • Lead Processing Time per test


Sonicat Systems is an SME that designs, manufactures and commercializes deep-tech solutions for the food industry. Currently, we are just starting to commercialize our flagship product Honey.AI (www.honey-ai.com), a robotized digital microscope that performs
automated honey quality analysis with computer vision and artificial intelligence.

Among other types of quality analysis, Honey.AI is capable to conduct one of the most challenging one: the Pollen Analysis, which traditionally is done by a trained technician, by hand, with a microscope.