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Individual Creditworthiness Assessment Platform



Our goal is to develop a creditworthiness & affordability assessment model that makes decisions based on end-user financial status and not on previous credit behavior.

We will utilize the dataset provided to create a classification engine able to predict the performance of each applicant (good/bad) in a way that would allow us to embed the outcome of our existing offering.  

For the classification part of the infrastructure, we will use model ensembles and stacked models. Instead of a single fine-tuned model, our solution will be using various machine learning techniques (ensembling) in succession (stacking) in order to produce the most accurate predictions. The results produced by each predictor as a single model will then be fed to the next layer also consisting of other classifiers and networks. Each of these cascading layers will decrease in size in order to reach the last stage/layer which will produce the final prediction. 

Main Objectives

Develop a universal pan-European creditworthiness & affordability score 

Main innovations

Develop a new creditworthiness & affordability assessment paradigm based on transactions & spending behavior since not everyone has a credit product. 

  • Our offering is enabling you to better understand your financial situation so as to educate yourself and improve your chances to get the financial product you are looking for and the one that better matches your financial capabilities.
  • We enable fair access to credit for all Europeans and improve their financial well being.
Key Exploitable Results (KERS)
  • Map consumer credit behavior in Germany
  • Expand our creditworthiness & affordability services in a new market
Technical KPIS

KPI 1. Data exploration & feature engineering 

KPI 2. Model development & training 

KPI 3. Predict consumers probability of default 


Finclude aims to create a pan-European credit scoring system that will enable businesses to assess existing & future customers in a universal way based on their transactional behavior.