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Ginger Bee

Gardening knowledge graph for Better vegetables and businesses

Proventus d.o.o.
Agronomy, Lifestyle, Retail
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Gardeners will get even more information in a structured and easy digestible way, while garden centers and gardening brands will benefit from increased efficiency and automation of their digital communication with gardeners.

Main Objectives

To build a knowledge graph that would enable us to link data generated by Tomappo users to external sources to cater better for the users’ needs with personalized and contextually relevant data and increase the efficiency of our B2B offer.

Main innovations

The focal point of the experiment is to build and exploit a knowledge graph specific for hobby vegetable gardening and to do so by linking our own data (curated gardening content and user generated data) with publicly available data (weather, variety information, soil information etc.). Our ideal partners are larger brands and garden center chains and the proposed innovation addresses their needs for digitalization and automatization of marketing activities and a closer connection with their customers.


Tomappo promotes home-grown fruit and vegetables and helps improve the efficiency of smaller gardens, contributing to the reduced emissions (0km food) and waste (composting at home, less packaging). A home garden can help reduce GHG emissions by over 2 kg CO2 per kg of vegetables grown.

Key Exploitable Results (KERS)

The key exploitable result (KER) of GINGER BEE is the knowledge graph that will be used to increase the value for Tomappo users and boost business performance. It can be viewed as a layer of intelligence on top of the existing data that we have with a link to external data and knowledge.

Technical KPIS

1. Tomappo knowledge graph v1.0 developed.
2. Test exploitation of knowledge graph Features exploiting knowledge graph tested.
3. Dev ops protocols defined and implemented.


Proventus is a small IT company focused on simplifying complex tasks with technology and ease of use. It is the company behind the personal gardening assistant Tomappo.