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Cloud based data space and marketplace for circular economy

Green Deal


ONTARIO will extend Digiotouch’s cloud-based Paradise platform delivering the secure, trustworthy, and privacy-by-design marketplace.

ONTARIO will enable Circular Economy (CE) for food & bio waste through a cloud based marketplace and data space. At present, farmers, food producers, other bio waste producers lack motivation (and perception to recognize the environmental, economic, and social value of waste) to dispose food and bio waste because they lack direct access to a CE solution. 

ONTARIO will extend Digiotouch’s cloud-based Paradise platform delivering the secure, trustworthy, and privacy-by-design marketplace. The project will also implement a green deal data space with open data on food loss and waste. ONTARIO dataset will enable Big Data and AI tools to generate food waste patterns across European regions allowing prediction of type, quantity of food/bio waste (among other insights) generated. Digiotouch envisions validating the marketplace in Tallinn. 

Main Objectives
  • Bringing the “supply/demand” actors for food, bio waste into a cloud-based marketplace accelerating the transition to circular economy. 
  • Implement and validate a green deal data space with food loss and waste datasets 
  • Big Data and AI based prediction tool for generating food and bio waste patterns. 
Main innovations
  • Cloud based marketplace accelerating transition to circular economy 
  • Automatic data portability tool to populate ONTARIO data space 
  • Big Data and AI based tool generating insights on type, quantity of waste generated at European regions allowing a prediction of waste generation 

Within 12-18 months of commercial launch, ONTARIO targets:

  • 1 metric ton edible food waste avoided getting into landfill and sold through the marketplace and 
  • 250kg of inedible food waste getting recycled to composting bringing rich nutrients back to European agricultural soils. 
Key Exploitable Results (KERS)

The key exploitation result of ONTARIO is the resulting cloud-based marketplace for transitioning into circular economy. It will be launched in Estonia.  

Technical KPIS
KPI definition  Unit of measurement  Expected value at Month 5  Expected value at Month 10 
KPI 1 - No. of datasets combined into the ONTARIO dataset  No. of datasets  5  10 
KPI 2 - Newly developed software components for ONTARIO marketplace  No. of software components  3  7 
KPI 3 - Cloud and HPC computing environment  Computational hours  1000  4600 



Digiotouch, established in Estonia, is a fast-growing SME providing secure, sustainable Digital Transformation to European industries using its cloud-based, secure Paradise platformThe ground breaking R&D activities of Digiotouch have received funding from several EU H2020 projects