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Automated OpenStreetMap import into TraMod Web App

RoadTwin s.r.o.
Data Spaces for public administration, Mobility Data Space
Czech Republic


RoadTwin offers an online, cloud based application for transport modelling, TraMod Web App. The application needs to be fed by a detailed traffic modelfrom the area of interest, to provide reliable results. In the past we were able to create a usable traffic model from OpenStreetMap (OSM), but always with direct hands-on involvement of traffic engineers.

In this experiment we wouldlike to develop a set of tools (OSM2TraMod) for automated creation of a traffic model for anygiven city. This would allow us to create a cost-efficient TraMod Web App. OSM2TraMod will consist of several components: the road network needs to beextracted and topological rules, necessary for a routable network, need to be enforced. Thereare already existing tools for such a task, i.e. osm2po. This routable network then needs tobe translated into a TraMod specific data model that contains all necessary traffic propertiessuch as traffic turns and direction of way.

Main Objectives

Developing of automated traffic model extraction from open-source data

Main innovations

Thanks to our implementation TraMod can provide results for changes in traffic in seconds. We've developed our own web application for traffic modelling which exchanges data with TraMod which allows the user to simulate various traffic scenarios. Innovation of this experiment is based on the same principle. We want to reduce the obstacles for cities on their way to their traffic decision. This will be achieved by providing the traffic model on domand via OSM2TraMod.


OSM2TraMod together with TraMod Web App has a potential to significantly reduce costs of atraffic model development, maintenance and operation. It can thus lower the barriers for cities and municipalities so they can better understand their traffic situation.

Key Exploitable Results (KERS)


Technical KPIS

MILESTONE 1 – Road component
MILESTONE 2 – Generators component
MILESTONE 3 – Case studies


RoadTwin is a web-based platform for urban transportation modeling, allowing city and regional representatives to easily create and verify traffic scenarios in minutes. Our solution is accessible, eliminating the need for complex software installations or expert consultations. We also offer integration with existing data and solutions for maximum flexibility and efficiency.