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Self-monitoring data centers by using predictive maintenance

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Any interruptions in a data center’s operation can have enormous chain effects and the risks associated with any fault is high, in terms of money, reputation and safety.

The project objective is to validate solid state circuit breakers’ (SSCB) capabilities for predictive maintenance of servers. By replacing the outdated mechanical circuit breakers with modern power electronics we can enable real time data and control of power flow. During the project we will monitor 10 connection points at RISE ICE datacenter with Blixt Zero SSCB. With full stack access we can generate a realistic and relevant test environment and generate various faults and accelerated testing, e.g.
• Overheating and heat cycling
• Mechanical stress
• Power quality

Technical analysis of the data, and applicability of machine learning methods, will be used to find patterns and predict faults before they happen. During the project the economic value of the results will also be quantified.


I-Space Coach


I-Spaces Involved

Main Objectives

Optimize operations in datacenters.

Main innovations
  • World’s first IEC certified solid state circuit breaker, x1000 faster than a mechanical circuit breakers and interrupts current in 250 nano seconds.
  • Safe to handle DC as well as AC and provides real time data and power flow control for demand response, predictive maintenance and additional services.

While datacenters consume about 3% of the global energy, costs related to maintenance to prevent downtime is as costly as utility costs. By optimizing maintenance and shift from reactive support to proactive support large energy and cost savings can be made. Datacenters currently consume an average 200TWh of energy every year. Considering an estimated 10% of reduction by optimized operations, the total energy savings could be 20TWh equivalent to 14,140,800 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide equivalent.

Key Exploitable Results (KERS)

Economical KERs
• Decreased cost due to unplanned downtime of equipment.
• Cost reduction involved with repair or replacement of
• More efficient use of staff resources.

Sustainability KERs
• Reduce GHG emission by 10%: optimized operations
• Secure data center energy compliance

Technical KPIS

Validate the ability to:

• Detect faults.
• Classify faults
• Monitor power quality
• Predict risk events that can cause faults in the future.
• Provide enhanced electrical safety.



BLIXT enables a faster transition towards DC and clean energy solutions by replacing outdated and bulky mechanical components for modern, miniature solid state electronics in circuit breakers, inverters and battery systems. Allowing for control of voltage and current in real time, faster, better and safer.