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Acronym SoDeCaMa

Sovereign Demand and Capacity Management

sovity GmbH
Automotive, Manufacturing


Automotive and manufacturing value chains are heavily optimized with minimal stocks, high automation, global production and assembly.

Information flow meanwhile shows little interconnection of systems but instead consists of many manual processes. This repeatedly leads to tense shortage situations which are detected too late and corrected through costly means. Especially in the short-term period before production, the process of data aggregation in customer-supplier-relationships takes a lot of time.

Partners struggle to exchange data automatically due to the fear of loss of control over data usage. sovity develops SoDeCaMa, an application for higher data availability, precision, and automated aggregation.

By connecting existing systems via a Dataspace, SoDeCaMa provides higher transparency while maintaining Data Sovereignty of partners. Data e.g., on demand, production and capacities can only be used for defined and accepted conditions. Partners gain better understanding of the status of their supply chain to earlier react to changes.

Main Objectives

The main goal is developing an application for higher transparency in supply chains and prove successful integration with a Dataspace.

Main innovations

SoDeCaMa significantly helps players in demand & capacity management, production planning, material disposition through an automated data aggregation and early indication of potential shortages. With its sovereignty features the application fosters a new way of collaboration between customers and suppliers.
It is one of the first reusable applications for a data space, compatible with Catena-X and Eclipse Dataspace Components (EDC).



  • Saving resources due to improved efficiency of business processes.


  • New job profiles (Dataspace App Developer) will be created.
  • The application helps to increase business productivity and thereby secures jobs.
  • Additionally, help is provided in the stressful jobs of supply chain and demand & capacity managers.


  • Higher transparency provided by the app helps to decrease resource and thus emission intensive counter measures such as high priority airfreight.
Key Exploitable Results (KERS)
  • KER 1: First data sovereign app for capacity management integrated with EDC Connector
  • KER 2: Blueprint and framework for development of further Dataspace apps
  • KER3: Iterated APIs for the sovity EDC Connector as preparation for integration of further apps
Technical KPIS
  • Different processed synthetic demand datasets in application (Number of datasets)
  • Deployed connectors for Dataspace creation (Number of Connectors deployed)
  • Connector instances with application integration (Number of Connectors, to which the application is integrated)


sovity provides Dataspace technology in easy-to-use solutions. Services like the EDC Connector-as-a-Service help to participate in Dataspaces like Catena-X in shortest time and at lowest costs. The goal is to reduce the barrier to Dataspaces and increase growth of ecosystems.