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WASH AI - integrating AI and machine-learning in self- service carwash industry data analytics

Business analytics


WASH AI is a data analytics project that focuses on self-service car wash industry benefits form advanced technologies like machine-learning and AI. Though the perspective of business owners, experiment focuses on correlations between several factors that affect revenues in this industry - weather components like temperature, wind, humidity and customer habits by gender, and also local aspects like national holidays. Project is performed in Latvia using data from 3 locations to get more precise rules out of predictive model, that helps to predict the revenues with at least 85% precision.
Focus of the project is to make smart technologies usable for Small and Middle Segment business owners and implement Symbolic AI rules in flex.bi data analytics platform, based on correlations found between all used datasets.
Main benefits of the project include possibility to understand the dynamics of data in complex context and ease operational decision making process.

Main Objectives

Deliver valuable business analytics dashboards for SME owners in self-service industry, that improve their decision making process.

Main innovations

Experiment is bringing together various levels of data, including analysis of weather forecasts, customer habits and cultural habits, that impact self-service carwash revenues.


WASH AI integrates scientific, social and business indicators to measure impact on customer activity and revenues. This project will lead to a better understanding and easier decision making for business owners.

Key Exploitable Results (KERS)
  • flex.bi dashboard solution adjustable to self-service retail industry with automated dataset integrations (weather forecasts, visual sensor data)
  • Revenue forecasting in context of weather predictions and national holidays adjustable to different industry SMEs (retail, entertainment, self service stations etc)
  • Predictive modeling based on machine learning rules generated
Technical KPIS
  • Number of visual detection sensors installed for customer count & profiling purpose
  • Accuracy of prediction model developed for future revenues
  • Number of datasets integrated in flex.bi dashboard solution
  • Number of predictive reports generated in flex.bi platform


flex.bi is a business data analytics platform and team of experts specializing on business data consolidation projects for SMEs from different industries worldwide.