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EUHubs4Data provides an integrated ecosystem aimed to stimulate greater participation of European SMEs and start-ups in the data economy. By providing easy, cross-border access to datasets, facilitating data sharing and assisting them with the skills, tools and support, new innovative data-driven solutions and business models that are aligned with users’ needs will be developed, thereby improving their digital competitiveness as well as the satisfaction of end users.

The impact strategy of EUHubs4Data is shown in the figure below, which outlines the links between the specific objectives, the expected results, the KPIs used to measure them, and the following impact areas:

Substantial increase of shared, re-used and traded data assets, made available through federated data sources in the collaborative project environment across sectors and borders.

Accelerated digitization and growth of the EU data industry with higher involvement of SMEs and start-ups, directly engaged through experiments and data driven programme, or reached through dissemination and awareness raising activities.

Improved service quality and user satisfaction thanks to optimized data-driven processes and business models developed by the SMEs engaged by EUHubs4Data and made available to all the EU industry.

Better informed and skilled human resources able to engage in data sharing and design, develop and implement data-driven innovation.

KPI01 Annual increase of catalogue datasets shared / re-used / traded
KPI02 Number of datasets resulting from cross-border experiments
KPI03 Higher performance of participant SMEs compared to industry benchmarks in data-driven innovation and data sharing
KPI04 SMEs, web entrepreneurs, start- ups directly engaged by the project
KPI05 Revenues of directly involved SMEs
KPI06 Number of services offered by DIHs / The number of customers / Customer retention
KPI07 User satisfaction
KPI08 All new solutions and data-driven business concepts aligned with targeted users’ needs and satisfaction drivers
KPI09 Produce a fair amount of significant data driven innovations resulting from the different activities of the project
KPI10 Increase the number of DIHs in the federation in order to multiply reach and offering of data
KPI11 Extend the federation geographical coverage
KPI12 Organization training events per year, both at European and regional level, including online activities (webinars)
KPI13 Participants in training activities part of the common training programme
KPI14 Achieve high level of satisfaction from people attending the training activities
KPI15 New job profiles created in companies engaged in the different activities of EUHubs4Data