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Algebra LAB is an open innovation lab - a meeting place of all the key elements needed for successful innovations. A place that offers applied research, entrepreneurial education and mentors, a network of professional contacts, top experts of different profiles (from artists to scientists and engineers), a network for knowledge dissemination and a unique shared space that supports continuous interaction and exchange of ideas.


Knowledge as a key part of company assets becomes dominant competitive advantage and the main feature of a successful business, however, exposed to the risk of rapid obsolescence. Strategic initiatives of successful companies are directed towards the effective, permanent education of employees, bearing with fast development of technologies and with focus on efficiency but also sensitive for local/regional ecosystem. It allows maintaining the competitive advantages and commitment to better market positions. Expenditure on projects related to exploration and utilization of data is not considered as a cost any more, but as a necessary investment.
Algebra group is the flagship of the private technical educational ecosystem in Republic of Croatia and the region, present in more than 20 cities across Croatia. Being the part of Algebra group, Algebra University College is a not-for-profit private accredited higher educational institution active in the fields of computer engineering and economy.
For the provision of innovative projects aiming to attract more secondary school students to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), Algebra was awarded Partner of the year 2014, best Microsoft educational partner award (out of 3.200 institutions globally). The institution has experience in more than 75 EU funded projects as a consortium partner or leading organization during the past decade. Besides digital technologies, being the main focus of professional and scientific interest, the team of scientists and experts is active also in areas of data science and data analytics, computational social network analysis, high performance computing, digital entrepreneurship and various types of data intensive and data related projects.
Our researcher’s expertise includes wide range of methods, technology and projects related to application of data science in various industries. Within this area our researchers implemented numerous research projects including churn management models, customer lifetime management models, cost allocation and management systems, advanced visualization and data science/big data architecture services. Our team’s recent achievements include winning project at 1st Big Data Hackathon organized by EUROSTAT and European Commission (March 2017).


HR0 Croatia (NUTS-1), HR05 City of Zagreb (NUTS-2), HR050 City of Zagreb (NUTS-3)


We provide access to experts in digital technologies as well as use cases and best educational practice, making possible for companies, and especially SMEs, to utilise DIHs resources in order to focus on quality and competitiveness of their services and market presence. Using the 20 years of our educational/research market legacy, Algebra LAB community includes 600+ experts, 15.000+ participants/year, 1.500+ active students and 50+ industry partners. As a part of our instituional focus on promotion and raising awareness concerning the importance of digital technologies, we are taking roles and partnerships in regional, national and European policy initiatives for industry digitalization.

Infrastructures and services

  • Cloud technology consierge service
  • IoT technology consierge service
  • Boutique education for digital skills
  • Data science consierge service
  • AI consierge service
  • Innovation management consierge service
  • Digital entrepreneurship consierge service

Additonal information

Our mission is to provide access to best practices, education, use cases, guidelines and support in applying digital technologies and the development of digital skills in order to help clients address their challenges in a business-focused way and with a common service model, offering services that are not readily accessible elsewhere. By leveraging our expertise, we are providing support on all levels of digital maturity, agnostic to technology, across various sectors, with proven ability to predict future skill needs.







HR050 City of Zagreb (NUTS-3)







Algebra University College


Monika Rohlik Tunjić


Partnering institutions and companies in the region including University of Zagreb, University of Rijeka, Infobip, Rimac automobile, Deloitte CE and others


Gradiscanska street 24, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia