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Belgrade Data Innovation Hub

Belgrade DIH with a young team of researchers and engineers, as well as a modest infrastructure, represents a reliable partner of many organizations in digital transformation, with experience in the field of development and testing of software systems, application of artificial intelligence, data analysis and visualization, education and consulting.


Belgrade Data Innovation Hub (Belgrade DIH) was formed on the foundations of the Laboratory for Data Analysis and Application of Artificial Intelligence within the University of Belgrade, School of Electrical Engineering (acc. ETF). Within the University of Belgrade, ETF represents the most significant engineering school in the region, as well as the third-largest engineering school in Europe. Today, it is one of the leading teaching and research institutions in our country, covering 10 research fields, more than 250 staff members, and around 100 journal publications per year.

ETF is a leading national higher education and research institution in electrical and computer engineering. Since its foundation, ETF has played an essential role in the engineering society as well as higher education, providing excellent experts and collaborating with national and international higher education institutions, national and international research institutions, industry, military, as well as many international partners from various business fields.

Experience in the field of data processing and artificial intelligence dates back to 1971, when the first Data Processing Laboratory was established at our faculty. Also, in the seventies of the last century, professors and researchers of our faculty developed the “Belgrade hand”. The laboratory was re-established in 2014 with the aim of being a hub for the application of AI and data processing for various professions and researchers from our university.


In the last 10 years, the hub (laboratory) has implemented many scientific projects and cooperation projects with the economy, which included shape and image recognition, medical image recognition, text processing, natural language processing, handwriting and tests recognition for high schools, a realization of complete automated industrial plants for monitoring industrial lines (in the chemical industry), as well as many developed intelligent software systems. Belgrade DIH has experience in cooperation with more than 200 institutions (corporations, SMEs, startups, research and educational institutions, digital hubs, companies from science and technology parks) in Serbia and the region of Southeast Europe. The hub (laboratory) aims to offer its services to larger companies, SMEs and startups and help them realize a specific experiment in the field of AI, data science and digital transformation.

Belgrade DIH is a member of EU hubs for data networks and European Big Data Value Association, holds a BDVA i-Space Silver label for 2023, and is a co-organizer of many national and regional professional events and scientific conferences. Belgrade DIH is open for collaboration and participation in new experiments and challenges.

Infrastructures and services

Belgrade DIH currently has several specialized AI machines, more than 50 servers within the ETF institution, and over 200 computers with multi-core processors and graphics cards. The infrastructure is available to researchers and employees at the faculty and in the laboratory, but also to other researchers with whom we collaborate on joint scientific-research and commercial projects.

The main services provided by Belgrade DIH are:

  • Data exploration, analytics and visualization

Description: Consulting services or system implementation in the field of data science. Expertise in data mining, information retrieval, data visualization, statistical techniques and using machine learning techniques for model development.  Natural language processing - consulting service for all phases for preparation and annotation data.

* Data mining: consulting services for development of collection algorithms and web scrapers and application of web crawling techniques.

* Information retrieval consultancy and data preprocessing techniques.

* Consulting on how to display data and use specialized libraries and tools (Matplotlib, Plotly, Seaborn, JavaScript - D3.js and Chart.js, Recharts for React, Tableu, etc.).

* Data placement in databases (relational databases – MySQL, PostgreSQL; different types of NoSQL: MongoDB, Redis, Neo4j).

* Machine learning: Naive Bayes, Logistic Regression, Kernels, Support Vector Machines, Boosting, Linear Regression, Deep Networks, Active Learning, Semi-Supervised Learning, Graphical models, Unsupervised Learning, Dimensional Reduction, Deep Unsupervised Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Non-parametric and High-dimensional Prediction, Prediction and application machine learning in games.

  • Software design and testing services

Development of software systems (web, mobile, cloud-based) for different platforms and the use of different programming languages and frameworks; analysis of user requirements and implementation of technical specifications; software design based on modern architectural patterns and design patterns; implementation of modular SW systems; development of visual simulators; development of software plugins and libraries; complete software testing process using different techniques (functional testing, structural testing, performance testing, security testing, stress and load testing); design and development of information systems; Using AI algorithms from specific libraries in software development process; Software for text analysis or image analysis; Development of distributed systems; Database modelling and development: relational and non-relational; Optimizations in software to achieve better performance with big data.

Consulting serviced based on technology stack selection and the development of simulations and software systems (web-based, mobile-based), for different application of big data and AI (Large information systems, applications for text analysis or image analysis, Distributed applications, etc.).

  • Education for IT and digital skills


Professional courses for various programming languages and software tools, platforms and infrastructures, workshops and specialized (custom-made) courses for the needs of a client company, consulting services for new product development or services.

List of courses: Introduction to Computing (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Python for basic programming, Python for Data Scientists, Python for Machine Learning, Programming language Java-Basic course, Programming language Java-Advance course, Linux – basic course, Web design (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), Web dev in Java (Spring/Spring Boot), Modern web programming (TypeScript, Angular, NodeJS), Introduction to databases (SQL, MySQL, MongoDB), Automated software testing (Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Cypress), Software testing essentials (design of test plan and test cases, Junit, JMeter, Postman, code coverage techniques, SQL injection detection tools), Mobile programming (Kotlin+Android), Intelligent Systems, Machine Learning, Software Design, Software Project Management, Natural language processing.

  • Consulting service for IT startups

Application of the best knowledge from the Serbian IT startup ecosystem and education in the field of starting a new business idea. This service includes managing the development of a software startup through the following units:

* Market analysis for some software/hardware/IoT system

* Brainstorming and Idea

* Analysis of user requirements

* SWOT analysis

* Prototype solution using Figma/Pencil

* Business Model Canvas development

* Formation of the budget and activity plan

* Design of milestones and deliverables

* Risk analysis and risk plan

* MVP (Miminum Viable Product)

  • Opportunities for organizing professional events

Our hub can organize different networking, communication, and dissemination events (panels, open days). This service includes assistance in the realization of dissemination events. On the territory of Serbia and the region, our hub has a very good network of scientific, research institutions and companies that participate in the AI and Big data ecosystem.

  • Training on AI platforms

Access to specialized modest AI machines for training models and validation and efficient calculations. The ability to compare models on different platforms. This service includes the execution of completed simulations on specific platforms (Huawei Atlas 100, Huawei Atlas 500, ThinkSystem SR970 2x Intel Xeon Silver, 2x NVIDIA A40 48GB).

Additonal information

Our aim is to offer guidance, education, and practical assistance in using digital technologies and improving digital skills. We aim to aid clients in tackling their business challenges effectively, using a unified service approach. Our services are unique and not easily found elsewhere in Serbia and SEE region. With our knowledge and experience, our young team assists clients at every stage of their digital journey, irrespective of the technology used, spanning different industries.







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Prof. Dražen Drašković, PhD


Prof. Dražen Drašković, PhD


Belgrade 11120, Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 73