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DIH TECHNICOM, raised within MIDIH project, is a regional industrial DIH at Technical University of Košice, providing “one-stop-shop marketplace” services in the region of Eastern Slovakia.


The Digital Innovation HUB TECHNICOM (DIH TECHNICOM) has been gradually developing with significant support of the MIDIH project. DIH TECHNICOM at TUKE (Technical University of Košice), in line with its mission, provides “one-stop-shop marketplace” services aimed at:
• Raising awareness of the importance of the development and implementation concepts of the I4.0 strategy;
• Accelerating smart “digital” innovation in industrial areas that fall within TUKE’s main R&D competences. In this sense, DIH services support a collaborative approach for:
• Transfer and application results of R&D in practice;
• Ensuring access to technology, business, and knowledge support for research, development, and innovation industrial projects, and activities of its clients.
All activities support national, European, and international cooperation aimed at developing solutions for “The state-of-the-art” concepts of “smart” I4.0 strategies, to which accessible assets of the MIDIH ecosystem makes a significant contribution.


Košice, eastern Slovakia


It is a Regional Industrial DIH at TUKE (Technical University of Košice), established as the specific workplace of the University Science Park TECHNICOM (which is a university-wide organizational unit of the TUKE – established as an Innovation and Technology transfer HUB). This background and organizational position of the DIH TECHNICOM enables it to make full use of the innovative potential of the USP TECHNICOM ecosystem and adequate access to the university R&D ecosystem in its activities and services.
Important for the DIH TECHNICOM is active collaboration with the Prototyping and Innovation Centre (PaIC), which is partners’ workshop of USP TECHNICOM, allocated at the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of TUKE. PaIC ensuring the active performance of the Robotic DIH whose development is currently supported by the H2020-RIMA project, 824990, “Robotics for Infrastructure Inspection and Maintenance”. Similarly, the TUKE is represented in the H2020 project AI4EU, 825619 „A European AI on Demand Platform and Ecosystem“, via relevant departments in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), which are part of the Department of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics TUKE. With the support of the project, the „Slovak AI meetup“ platform was created and currently serves also for organization of professional seminars and discussions on AI topics. The close cooperation between the presented „digital“ innovation institutes significantly supports the European dimension, multidisciplinary, and holistic approach of DIH TECHNICOM activities at the TUKE environment.

Infrastructures and services

Services provided with the support of the USP TECHNICOM ecosystem (links to European classification models are stated in the brackets):
• Formation of ecosystems, scouting, mediation, (4 E);
• Collaborative research and development in relevant areas (1.T);
• Testing and validation of concepts and prototype solutions (1.T);
• Relevant USP/TUKE incubator/accelerator support (3. B);
• Support for business acceleration in line with I4.0 strategy (3. B);
• Facilitating access to suitable investment resources (3. B);
• Education and development of skills in the areas concerned, protection of Intellectual Property (2. S);
• Support for awareness about the importance of Digital Transformation in “smart” solutions and “Awareness creation” (1.T).
Services inspired by the MIDIH project:
• Video collaboration services (4.E)
• Augmented reality (AR) for effective digital transformation in the manufacturing industry (1.T) and (2.S)
• Property Rights in Slovakia – Benefits and use of IPR (2.S)
• IoT for Manufacturing (1.S)
Services in IT and data area:
• Computing & storage resources
• AI Consulting
• Cloud computing resources & consulting services
• Cyber security training
• Data Center, Cloud, Storage, Networking Design & Consultation services