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DIHGIGAL, boosting the industry in the digital transformation


DIHGIGAL is an initiative which aims to improve the competitiveness of the Galician economy through the promotion of digital transformation and the increase in the technological intensity of the industrial ecosystem, turning current factories into more automated, intelligent, flexible, sustainable, connected and social plants, with people being the core element.

DIHGIGAL brings together the technology demand (large companies, smes and start up) and the technology supply (competences centers, big tech, technological start ups…) with all the relevant stakeholders in the region including financial entities, public bodies…. The common objetives are:

  • Reinforcing the industrial regional ecosystem in terms of excellence and technological innovation so that we can foster collaboration and the exploitation of synergies in the digital transformation process of companies.
  • Promoting a long-term strategic industrial vision for the competitiveness improvement and sustainable development through disruptive and open innovation which lead us to the companies’ digitization.
  • Promoting talent, human capital, knowledge transfer and innovation among companies, especially at SMEs.
  • Reducing the competitive gap of key productive sectors with their leaders at worldwide level.
  • Supporting entrepreneurship and the development of new business models that strengthen the ecosystem.
  • Generating a recognisable DIH brand and a structure connected with other EU HUBs.
  • Providing local technology providers with intensive training to reach the technological level required for the factory of the future and transferring the knowledge that can be created in the DIH.


DIHGIGAL vision is to place the Galician industrial ecosystem in a global leadership competitiveness position through the digital transformation of companies and contribute to the regional development

This vision is shared by the regional governement (Xunta de Galicia) that in 2019 organized a competition and recognised DIHGIGAL as strategic hub for the future industrial model of Galicia in terms of the RIS3, boosting the diversification of driving industrial sectors, improving industrial competitiveness and promoting the knowledge economy.


DIHGIGAL was established as non-profit association in a partnership framework among the members of the Galician automotive, naval, food and ICT industries. The initial promoters got together the main agents, including competences centers and companies, representing 633 companies, a turnover of €18,620 million (31% of the Galician GDP) and 63,800 direct employees.
DIHGIGAL has a very complete ecosystem made up of:

  • Leading companies: Groupe PSA, GKN Driveline Vigo, Conservas Calvo, Grupo Nueva Pescanova, Clavo Congelados, Navantia, …
  • Short and medium enterprises (SMEs): Marsan Transformaciones Superficiales, Feiraco, Martín Codax, Kiwi Atlántico…
  • Enterpreneurship: over 80 start up Companies from our business factories (auto (BFAuto) and food (BFF))
  • Technological companies: Rexroth (Bosch Group), TSystem, Mindsait, R, CINFO…
  • Competence centers: ITG, CESGA, the 3 regional universities (UDC, UVigo, USC), FEUGA …
  • Financial institutions: ABANCA

Infrastructures and services

  • Access to HPC Computing and Storage resources
  • Access to Cloud computing resources
  • Access to Big Data
  • Advice, guidance and support in the definition of internal data policy and strategy for companies
  • Support in the deployment of the data strategy and policy. Identification of data challenges, priorization and planification
  • Support of the desing and deployment of data infraestructures for analytics and visualization
  • Support and/or execution of analysis of data from manufacturing process
  • Support and/or implementation of feature selection techniques
  • Design and development of AI models, their training and validation
  • Skills:
    • Degrees: computer engineering; data science and engineerign; digital info and documentation management; digital creation, animation and videogames
    • Masters: bioinformatics for health sciences, cybersecurity, HPC
  • Awarenes activities
  • Institutional dialogue
  • Incubator and Acelerator Services

Additonal information

DIHGIGAL has been recognized by BDVA as GOLD label for its iSpace in Data-related (Big Data & AI) technologies