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PSNC/HPC4 Poland

Our main objective is to create and provide advanced digital transformation tools, addressing the real-life demand of Polish manufacturing companies.


HPC4Poland DIH acts as an actual node for the exchange of values and services between research teams, suppliers and recipients of advanced concepts, services and solutions. To raise the awareness of early stage companies, the DIH creates regional communities of technology, domain experts and customers. Using dedicated tools, the DIH maintains a dialogue with partners and customers, constantly updating demand requirements and the actual needs of the key target sectors in the region: automotive / transport, wood / furniture, agricultural / food, medical / chemical (including pharmaceuticals and public entities health service). The market sectors addressed by the DIH as well as key technological and competence areas result directly from the market demand, service resources existing on the DIH members’ side, and are compliant with key strategic documents of the national and regional agendas, including the Ministry of Development and the Future Industry Platform Foundation, smart specializations of regions and the guidelines of the European Commission in the area of the DIH and EDIH missions and planned activities under DEP. New Partners welcome!!!


90% of members/partners located in Wielkopolska 90% of clients located in Wielkopolska Active foreign partnerships


By the end of 2018 more than 380 000 SMEs registered in Wielkopolska (9.4% of all SMEs registered across 16 Polish regions). In Wielkopolska, there are 1012 entities per 10 000 citizens (average for Poland – 948 entities), 1011 of which are SMEs. Average growth rate in Wielkopolska is above 6.00%, as compared to 5.5% countrywide. Wielkopolska is seat to the leading research-driven IT cluster in Poland. More than 60 global corporates have their shared service centers in Poznan due to the city’s growth potential. Industries targeted by the DIH are steadily growing. In manufacturing: vehicles (Solaris, VW, Ursus, BMW), machinery (Cegielski, Mahle, Mestil), electrical appliances (Comp, EcoLigt, Emtel) and furniture (Vox, CDV, Szynaka, Noti) with Poland being the largest exporter of furniture worldwide. In agrifood Wielkopolska is one of the 4 regions producing jointly over 50% of Poland’s meat, milk, butter and cheese. In fintech Poznan is the IT operational seat for well-established companies, e.g.: Paribas Fortis, Santander, Alior, Credit Agricole, Franklin Templeton, VISA. Wielkopolska is seat to 23 innovation centers and 9 interdisciplinary HEIs (in it technical, medical, economics, agriculture universities), most of which have signed partnership agreements with the DIH. The University of Poznan is the 3rd top Polish university according to the Shanghai list. Coordinator of the DIH (PSNC) is the leading Polish Framework Programme participant with 20+ international applied research IT projects run simultaneously. The region’s innovation uptake is below EU’s average with a growing demand in HPC-based and digital twin services (for manufacturing), IoT services (for agrifood sector) and big data services (for fintech).

Infrastructures and services

SERVICES (EXAMPLES) Technical services (examples):

  • sync & share data driven services
  • massive scale long term storage
  • design and implementation of IoT tools for data acquisition and linking to improve production efficiency
  • Model-Based Design of high load steel structures
  • CFD simulations of fluid structure products and conditions
  • simulation and implementation of systems optimizing multi-agent production processes
  • co-development of predictive maintenance and cognitive systems
  • development of augmented / virtual reality, visualization platforms

  Business services (examples):

  • training and mentoring services in the area of digital technologies and Industry 4.0 transformation
  • cobot/robot introduction ROI (return on investment) analysis for a specific site
  • innovation scouting
  • access to specialist expertise and infrastructure
  • access to funding
  • workshops "Future competences in Industry 4.0”

  INFRASTRUCTURES (EXAMPLES) Main laboratory infrastructures of the DIH are located mainly in Poznan. Location 1 – PSNC CB PIO, Poznan - 12 ICT applied research laboratories: Cyberspace security and critical infrastructures protection laboratory, Green ICT laboratory, visualization and interaction laboratory, e-science laboratory, laboratory of telemedicine, software services laboratory, laboratory of voice interfaces, Internet of Things (IoT) laboratory. To give an example PSNC’s IoT Lab provides end-to-end solutions starting with a fully-fledged rapid prototyping Fabrication Laboratory (CNC, 3D printer, laser cutter, environmental chamber) operated by dedicated mechatronics designer (with CAD) followed by research and integration of lowest level electronics (sensors, SoCs, communication platforms) with dedicated software focused on energy consumption optimization. Provided solutions are tested in static sites (e.g. on site environmental chamber) or in mobile testing laboratory drones (e.g. automated quadcopter, heavy duty octocopter, long range fixed wing solution). Location 2 – PSNC Future Labs, Poznan - with living lab spaces including: future education lab, social e-inclusion, human-computer interaction, digital immersion, cultural heritage, telerehabilitation, media lab 3D, coworking space. These include: beamers, Kinect consoles, Oculus Rift immersion devices, integrated AV system, WiFi system (UTM, controllers, 25 APs), Lego Mindstorm for edu (80 sets), professional drones, 40 laptops (different vendors), iPads, Android tablets, eBook readers, dedicated GPU computers, NUC computers, Arduino controllers, e-posters 55'', interactive tables, digital immersion cave, WiFi positioning system, thermal camera, RFID sets, Kinect interaction sets, VC terminals, antigravity running set, antropomorphic robots, 3D printer, 3D scanner, EPOC EEG set, eyetrackers, inteligent housing environment with sensors, wearable sets, haptic gloves, videomapping set, advanced ambience monitoring IoT platform, realtime high-precicion positioning system, professional digital immersion set. Locations 1 and 2 above have broadband Internet connection via PIONIER up to 100Gbps with access to own supercomputing capacities of 5.8 Pflops/47 PB (ranked periodically on the TOP500Supercomputers list https://www.top500.org/). Location 3 – ZUT, Szczecin - Scadas Vibco Mobile measuring system; The Matlab & Simulink analysis package; LaserTRACER-NG; Control systems of CNC machine tools - Fanuc, Siemens - The latest Siemens 840D and Fanuc 31B and 0i-MF control systems; INSTRON Electro Puls E10000 electrodynamic testing machine; Instrumentalised Charpy LabTest CHK450J-I hammer for impact testing of metals; E-production: Robot-human cooperation station, Robotic vision inspection station, Robotized welding station, Robotized processing and manufacturing station (CNC / 3D / Laser); high power oil hydraulic pump station, laser oil analyser, filtration units with filter sets, ICM particle counters, hydraulic power measurement systems, set for filling and testing hydro accumulators; SAC-3m anechoic chamber (9.5m x 6.2m x 6.1m); 3D scanners, MEMS sensors; cybersecurity laboratory; circuit board plotter, stencil printer for applying solder paste, pick and place machine; mobile platforms irobot with collection of sensors; eye trackers (Tobi Pro, VIVE Pro) , EEG modules (8 and 24 channels), GSR modules, 3D scanner and proper software; 2 UAVs: DJI Matrice 210 RTK (professional flying drone with high-precision RTK GPS) and DJI Mavic 2 Pro (small-size surveillance flying drone), packages for creating digital orthophotomaps and 3D models from photographs. Location 4 - Powiatowe Centrum Edukacji Zawodowej, Września - Laboratory contains seven Kawasaki and ABB industria robots with tools such as a weldingmachine, gripper, weldingmachine, plasma cutting and gluing. VR technology for the simulation of ABB Robot Station; Laboratory of hydraulics and pneumatics; The Driving Technology Laboratory include Siemens TIA 1500 controllers and SEW motors and inverters; Mechatronic laboratory containing logic programming stationson Siemens TIA1200 and 300/400 S7 controllers; Metrology laboratory containing 3D scanners and 3D printers, microscopes and stethoscopes for surface shape studies; Computerized Numerical Control Laboratory; Experts in machine learning and integration of IT and IoT systems. Location 5 - University of Zielona Gora, Zielona Gora - Robotics Laboratory - equipped with Kawasaki industrial manipulators, swarms of mobile robots; Process automation and visualisation laboratory - enables the design and creation of visualization and monitoring systems for the production process based on SCADA class systems, rapid fabrication prototyping; Embedded systems and IoT laboratory- Development and integration of IoT systems, embedded and reconfigurable systems, GNSS systems in utility applications; Laboratory of Cryptology - tests, research and development works in the field of IT security, based on public key infrastructure and HSM, cloud solutions; CISCO laboratory - designing, building and managing local and wide area computer networks with particular emphasis on security & firewalls. Location 6 - L-PIMR, Poznan - Agricultural and Forest Machinery Development with the robotic, mechatronic and signal analysis laboratories; Department of Food Technology with a laboratory for the development of food industry machines; Rapid Prototyping Laboratory: rapid prototyping FDM 3D scaner GOM ATOS II, 3D printers (i.e. Stratasys Dimension 1200ES), laser metal deposition (LMD) with Trumph TruLaser Cell 3008, FLIR SC 620 thermo cam, Solaris CCD+ chemical composition analyzer, Eagle III X-Ray fluorescence spectrometer, GOM TRITOP coordinate measuring machine. Location 7 - L-ILIM, Poznan - Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC SAC-3 anechoic chamber; RFID systems; iGrafx ver. Flowcharter; iGrafx ver. Process; Copyboard with Memory Function M-115; writing panels 60 inch; Verifier LVS-9510 - a professional system of barcode and matrix codes verification that enables the examination of one-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) barcodes; VeriCube Verifier - a 1D and 2D barcode verification; UX Lab (UX research software, software for creating prototypes e.g. Axure). Location 8 - Ł-IMN, Poznan – labs are ISO 9001 standard: Chemical Power Source Testing Laboratory accredited by PCA, digatron testers, vibration systems, vacuum and climate chambers, temperature baths, penetration and crushing chambers, short-circuit tester, the lab is constructing a propagation test stand; temperature stress chambers, burning speed tester, ignition vulnerability tester, tube furnaces, arc furnaces, muffle furnaces, glove box systems with argon atmosphere, potentiostats/galvanostats, corrosion stand, metallographic analyser, fuel cell tester, elemental analyser, ball mills, vacuum dryers, ultrasound homogenizer, centrifuge, pressure reactor, film coater, powder diffractometer xrd , spectrometer xrf, plasma emission spectometer icp-oes, infrared spectrometer ft-ir, differential thermal analyser, spectrophotometer uv-vis, particle size distribution analyser, nanosizer, porous structure analyser, thermal imaging camera, thermocouple, viscosimeter, 3D printer, spin-coater, hydraulic press. Location 9 - Poznan University of Technology, Poznan - AI Labs: specialized software licences and machines devoted to multi-criteria decision support and artificial intelligence; Robotics Labs: Robotic Arms 3x UR3, 1x UR5, 3x Large KUKA Arms, Indoor Robotic Mobile platform, Outdoor Robotic Mobile Platform, Six-legged Walking Robot, Four-legged Walking Robot ANYmal B300 (ANYbotics), SICK 3D LiDAR, OUSTER 64 beams LIDAR, Differential GPS, RGB cameras+lenses, MicaSense Mutlispectral Camera, OptiTrack Motion Tracking System, Depth and Tracking Cameras Intel Realsense: 2xT265, 4xD435; Microsoft: Kinectv2, Kinect Azure; Force/Torque sensors ATI and Optoforce. Location 10 - Ł-INOP, Poznan - Accredited Metal Examination Department (USN 60 SW ultrasonic flaw detector, FR-3ATL Rockwell hardness testing machine, FM-800 microhardness tester, MICROMET 2104 Vickers diamond hardness testing machine, fatigue tester; Sheet Metal Forming Department: MZH-500 spinning machine, MZH-400 flow forming machine, MWS-200 spinning machine, WD-2 rolling machine, Rofin diode laser, VarioCAM thermal imaging cameras, PCO 1200s Quick Cage Cameras; Solid Forming Department: LT 9/12/P330 laboratory furnace, AGIECUT CLASSIC wire EDM machine, PYE-250S 048-003/58 hydraulic press, PXW-200 pendulum die press, PHdW-250 press, PMS-160B eccentric press, straightening machine type UR-255 (prototype), uncoiling device type UR-250, ATOS COMPACT SCAN 5M optical scanner; Powder Metallurgy Technology: experimental research GSPM-75 nest with PSF-12/75 electric soaking retort furnace; robotic welding station; HP D 25/3 device with additional equipment for Spark Plasma Sintering); Surface Engineering and Tribbology: Vacuum Cold Spray, TWT-500N tribometer, T-17 tribometer, SBT-01.2 hip-joint simulator, SBT-03.1 spine simulator. Location 11 - Technopark Gliwice - its Machine Park enables us to offer specialized services such as the production of machines’ elements and devices using methods of Rapid Prototyping, coordinate measurements, and 3D design using CATIA and Solid Edge software. Technopark Gliwice has also 3D Printing Centre equipped with 3D printing machines such as: Startasys Objet30 Prime, Stratasys F170, Formlabs Form 3, Zortrax M200 Plus, 3DGence printing in such technologies as: PolyJet, FDM, LFS, LPD, FFF. Location 12 - Gdansk University of Technology, Gdansk - Tri-City Academic Supercomputer and network (CI TASK) with Cloud Computing lab and Internet of Things lab. CI TASK resources include, among others, the cluster “Tryton” with 3214 processors (Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 v3 @ 2,3 GHz, 12-core), 218 TB total system memory, Mellanox InfiniBand interconnect with FDR 56 Gb/s bandwidth and total theoretical peak performance: 1,48 PFLOPS (listed on the prestigious TOP 500 list). CI TASK is currently in process of building a modern server room as part of the project (value: PLN 150 million, implementation 2019-2021) TIER III/IV, ASI/TIE-942, for processing and long-term storage of valuable data. TASKCloud (cloud lab) is an IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) cloud computing environment based on the OpenStack platform. It is deployed on 200+ dual-CPU servers within the “Tryton” computing cluster and offers efficient and secure on-demand virtualization of computing, networking and storage infrastructure. Location 13 - Pro Design Lab 150, Poznan - Machine park: vacuum press with a thermoforming oven, 5-axis CNC for processing wood, wood-based materials and plastics, CNC 3-axis horizontal for processing wood-based board materials, wood and plastics; CNC 3-axis vertical for continuous drilling and milling of plate elements; multi-aggregate edge bander for edging panel elements and profiling narrow edges; pneumatic assembly press; hydraulic shelf press with heated plates; saws for cutting panel and granulate materials; 5-axis CNC dedicated to metal processing; drilling and milling machine for metalworking; fiber laser dedicated to processing elements made of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum; linear bender dedicated to plastics; UV digital printer for printing flat surfaces and in the roll to roll system; a 3D printer for large prints with a size not exceeding 500x500x480mm; 3D printer for rapid prototyping for prints with dimensions not exceeding 250x250x250mm; a set of power tools: saws, grinders, milling machines, screwdrivers, dust removal machines.

Additonal information

Other members of the initiative with specific role

Poznan Science and Technology Park (AMU Foundation) Competence Center
Poznan University of Technology Competence Center - AI, robotics, skills
Pro Design Lab 150 Innovation Partner - design, furniture industry
Lukasiewicz Research Network - Industrial Institute of Agricultural Engineering Competence Center - IoT, robotics
Atres Intralogistics Integrator
Fundingbox Accelerator Innovation Partner
Poznan University of Technology - Faculty of Computing and Telecomunications Competence Center - AI, robotics
Poznan University of Technology - Faculty of Engineering Management Competence Center -intralogistics, skills
Wielkopolska IT Cluster Innovation Partner - cluster of 70+ IT comapnies
Lukasiewicz Research Network - Institute for Logistics and Warehousing Competence Center
Lukasiewicz Research Network - Metal Forming Institute Competence Center
Lukasiewicz Research Network - Institute for Rail Vehicles "TABOR"" Competence Center
Lukasiewicz Research Network - Institute for Industrial Metals Competence Center
VW Poznan Industrial Partner - automotive
Politechnika Gdańska TASK Competence Center - IoT, cloud
Lukasiewicz Research Network - Institute for Wood Industry Competence Center
Regional Center for Skilled Workmanship Innovation Partner - engineering skills
West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin Competence Center - robotics, additive technologies
University of Zielona Gora Competence Center - cloud, cybersecurity
Foundation ALTUM Innovation Partner - business skills
Science and Technology Park “Technopark Gliwice” Competence Center
Terravita Industrial Partner - food industry
Apollogic sp. z o.o. Integrator - AI, IoT, business software, ISV, AR/MR
Invenco Integrator - CFD, MES simulation software
SymKom Integrator - simulation software ISV
Encon Koester Integrator - robotic hardware provider
Lukasiewicz Research Network - Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals Competence Center
Adam Mickiwicz University - Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science Competence Center