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ICE Datacenter at RISE

ICE — The leading datacenter research facility in Europe. ICE by RISE lets you test in a flexible full-scale datacenter without having to invest with access to massive amounts of research data, and access to world-leading scientists at your disposal, contributing to your innovation.


The DIH aims to strengthen the regional data centre industry's products, services, solutions and offerings to customers (parties) outside the region, nationally or internationally.

This should be done by demonstrating and with measurements show and prove that; investing and operating data centers in arctic regions have low and among the lowest investment and operating costs in the world in terms of cooling and power distribution.


Norrbotten, Northern Sweden


Target groups

The DIH with its specific focus on “digital services” have identified three very specific target groups where their need and our offerings will benefit and strengthen their competitive edge and growth potential.


Target Group Need Benefits offered by ArcticDIH
Regional Baseline

- Aspiring SME’s established in northern Sweden

Strengthening their digital competitiveness This target group will be able to:

·      gain insights how “digital services” can benefit their competitiveness

·      develop their skills

·      Transform parts of their business to digital services

Regional Frontline

- Start-ups and Scale-ups established in northern Sweden

Add digital concepts to their value proposition


Grow profitably in the international market

This target group will be able to:

·      add and test "digital services"

·      receive hands-on help and expertise to develop a Go-to-market strategy helping them to reach the international market profitably

·      Get support in financing

·      Reach expertise in the area of space data analysis and green computing

European Frontline
– European SME’s already developing services where “digital services” are key components
Refine their value proposition


Grow profitably in the international market


Strengthen their fore sighting abilities

This target group will be able to:

·      add, test and implement "digital services"

·      receive hands-on help and expertise to develop a Go-to-market strategy helping them to reach the international market profitably

·      understand their future customer needs regarding “digital services”

·      Reach expertise in the area of space data analysis and green computing



To become an attractive partner in a European and EDIH perspective this initiative will develop new and unique Cross-EDIH activities. The objectives of these activities are to make sure that:

  • All SME’s within the target groups are exposed to the value propositions from the other EDIH – we strongly believe that the SME’s will identify interesting opportunities within the other EDIH initiatives and increase their possibility to reach unknown future markets
  • All consortia partners will expose their offerings to other EDIH consortia partners - in this way the DIH, calls on all partners to identify new networks and potential future development partners that could lead to new European initiatives and projects
  • Smart specialization strategy offerings to other regions, it means space data services, green AI computing, network edge computing
  • Important for cross-EDIH activities are federated services. The DIH will continue develop ongoing pilots on federated services in the BDVA network.
  • The DIH will also work closely with the two national DIHs focusing on AI and agriculture.

A big part of our outreach is also to be present in relevant conferences, events etc and also offer DIH specific educations, seminars, workshops and demos of our offers towards our target groups

Infrastructures and services

The ICE datacentre is situated in an old storage facility at walking distance from the Luleå University of Technology campus. There are a number of different modules (an AI lab, a Facility lab, an OCP lab and an Edge lab) open for testing and experiments, along with a control room simulator, three wind tunnels and a demo space that can fit 50+ people.

Existing lab infrastructure at the LTU campus locations in Kiruna, Luleå, Piteå and Skellefteå are also available.

The National Space Data Lab was initiated mid 2019 in co-operation with Swedish National Space Agency, RISE, LTU and AI Sweden. The lab is hosted by RISE ICE. Longterm goal a national knowledge and data hub for Swedish agencies and companies that work with earth observation data, and there by enable development of AI-based analysis of data generated in the space system.

Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) intends to provide testing resources using the Esrange Space Center, offering a wide and versatile set of testing capabilities in fields such as satellite operations, cyber security, and geospatial expertise.

LTU Business most valuable infrastructure is their +35 years track-record of close collaboration with more than 1000 SMEs from northern Sweden.

Additonal information

Other members of the initiative with specific role

External partners in DIH:

LTU Business - Operational DIH coordinator and communication, first-level company coordinator, innovation support and collaboration.

Arqtic Business -Financing and funding support, incubation and innovation support.

Internal contacts EUHubs4Data

WP 1 – Federation: Jeanette Nilsson, jeanette.nilsson@ri.se

WP 2 – Echo systems: Ann-Christin Uusitalo Eriksson, ann-christin.eriksson@ri.se

WP 4 – Catalogue: Cecilia Hyrén, cecilia.hyren@ri.se

WP 5 – Data: Daniel Olsson, Daniel.x.olsson@ri.se

WP 7 – Experiment: Johan Kristiansson, johan.kristiansson@ri.se

WP 9 – Communications: Marie Elmqvist, marie.elmqvist@ri.se