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We are a leading European Research Center for Data-driven Business and Artificial Intelligence


Know-Center is a leading European research center for Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Data-driven Business. Since 2001, we perform RESEARCH to turn data into intelligence, we support BUSINESS to turn data into value, and we provide an ACADEMY to shape the workforce of tomorrow.

RESEARCH: from data to intelligence. We unite research on key aspects of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Data-driven business models to make businesses future-ready.

BUSINESS: from data to value. We combine all business, data and technical competences required to establish Data-driven business under one roof. This makes us unique. We support companies in strategy development, ideation and all the way to implementation.

ACADEMY: shape the workforce of tomorrow. We train companies and individuals in understanding and utilizing the power of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Data-driven Business.

Within the last years we have created three Spin-Offs based on our research results: Invenium, e-nnovation, OpenKnowledgeMaps. We provide an innovation friendly environment for founders and start-ups


With a regional research and development quota of 4.91 percent, Styria has been the number one research region in Austria for years and is also one of the leaders in Europe. A total of 2.32 billion euros per year are invested in research and development in Styria, the majority of which (1.71 billion) is invested by companies. The main secret of success is the excellent cooperation between science and industry.


As an applied research organization, collaboration and networking are at the core of our medium- and long-term strategies.

The Know Center was chosen numerous times by the EU to lead and participate in high-level research projects. We are currently leading 4 different H2020 research projects named DAPHNE, Safe-Deed, ON-MERRIT and iDEV. Furthermore, we are participating as partner in the following running 7 EU funded projects: HIDALGO, AI4EU, AI4DI, EUHubs4Data, TRIPLE, TRUSTS and Europlanet (EPN-2024-RI).

Know-Center is involved in seven major industry verticals, for each of which we have collected domain know-how and conducted several projects over the past years: (1) Automotive & Aerospace is a logical choice because there are many manufacturers, including world leader Magna, at our location and there also is a dedicated a&a cluster "AC Styria" (2) Production & Logistics, where we cooperate with regional large partners SSI and Knapp, (3) Software & Communications, where we empower several Start-up’s, including our spin-off Invenium, with data-driven AI technology, (4) Tourism & Marketing, which is an Austrian key industry and we contribute our leading-edge-science-based recommender technology (5) Pharma & Life Science, where we partner via the regional life science hub HTS, which includes over 90 companies (6) Ecology & Energy and (7) Content & Law, where we work with all three major legal publishers in Austria, as well as with the Austrian parliament.

Expressed in clear figures, we have been working directly together with 119 large companies, 129 SMEs, 131 research institutes and 21 Start-ups in the year 2019.

Infrastructures and services

Big Data Lab

The Big Data Lab is a service unit of Know-Center which helps companies to do their “first steps" in the field of data-driven business, big data analytics and data science. The main services being offered are consulting and training. One service is the Data Value Check. It enables companies to develop data-driven use cases. Based on a company's business processes, services, products and/or organizational structures, the potential of the data is determined in a lean process in order to generate data-driven innovations.
















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