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2023 call for i-Spaces label is now open


BDVA has launched its annual call for i-Spaces, by which BDVA recognises the quality of existing data experimentation and innovation hubs in Europe and guarantees that the innovation environments provided by those initiatives meet the requirements to boost data-driven and AI-based innovation at the local level but also the collaboration with similar initiatives to foster the adoption at European level.

What is it?

The i-Space label is a well-recognised brand, offers a quality reference and provides visibility to national initiatives on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Apply until 19 September!

The applications are evaluated against seven criteria:

  1. Infrastructure/Technologies
  2. Services
  3. Projects and applications
  4. Impact to eco-system
  5. Business strategy and sustainability
  6. Federation capabilities (new 2023!)
  7. Ethics (new 2023!)

How to apply?

  1. Fill in a questionnaire providing all the relevant information;
  2. Assessment by the experts and professionals part of the i-Space label review committee;
  3. Online interview (only if requested by the review committee);
  4. Proposal from the review committee with labelled i-Spaces;
  5. Assessment and final decision by the BDVA Board of Directors;
  6. Communication of results to all the candidates;
  7. Hand-out ceremony of label at the European Big Data Value Forum.