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A new SME Roadshow is upcoming!


On 7 July from 14:00 to 15:30, DIGITAL SME invites data-driven companies, digital health providers, Digital Innovation Hubs, and business supports organisations, as well as healthcare providers and public healthcare bodies, to join the webinar “Leveraging the European Data Spaces: Empowering SMEs Innovation in e-Health” and explore the following questions:

  • How can Data Spaces support the digitalisation of vertical sectors (in particular, in healthcare)?
  • How can SMEs effectively harness the potential of data in the healthcare sector?
  • What are the main challenges/roadblocks that SMEs are facing in employing health data?
  • Why and how e-Health is revolutionizing the provision of healthcare services to the citizens?
  • What are the supporting tools and initiatives to help SMEs harnessing healthcare data and offering innovation?

The event, organised with EUHubs4Data and Shift-Hub, will be crowned by the launch of the new DIGITAL SME Focus Group on e-Health, which will be enabled in a partnership with the SHIF-HUB project Interested SMEs will be able to join a community network of public or private healthcare providers, research institutions, other technology companies, and public bodies. This collaboration will allow SMEs to develop ad hoc digital solutions that address complex and specific healthcare challenges, and benefit from a full range of services: information on funding opportunities, discussions on sector-specific topics (e.g., pathologies and related data), networking and matchmaking.