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The call for BDVA i-Space labels is now open – apply before 15th of September!


What are i-Spaces?

The i-Spaces are BDVA’s key instrument to foster data-driven innovation in Europe. They are cross-sectorial and cross-organisational innovation hubs. The labelled hubs are trusted incubators, bringing together data sources and AI technologies; moreover, they provide the competencies and technical and non-technical aspects needed to allow SMEs and start-ups to quickly get their data-driven and AI-related services, products, and applications tested, piloted, and exploited. I-Spaces rely on and build upon existing national and regional initiatives that play a central role in a European Data and AI ecosystem. I-Spaces entities are non-profit, although proposing a sustainable business model.

Why a label?

BDVA set up the i-Space label as a means to ensure the quality of the European Innovation Spaces and connect existing initiatives under one umbrella. On a yearly basis, candidates from all over Europe are invited to apply for this label. Hubs applying for the i-Space label undergo a thorough evaluation of maturity. During the process, BDVA measures the infrastructure, services, projects, applications, impact and business strategy of the hubs.

Over the years, the label became an internationally recognised brand, having grown from 5 to 35 recognised i-Spaces in 21 European countries. It offers quality references and provides visibility to national initiatives on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Why apply?

With this label, BDVA recognises the quality of existing data experimentation and innovation hubs in Europe; it also guarantees that the innovation environments provided by those initiatives meet the necessary requirements to boost data-driven and AI-based innovation at the local level, but also the collaboration with similar initiatives to foster the adoption at European level.

The Federation of EUHubs4Data is formed by the BDVA i-Spaces. In the future, qualifying as a BDVA i-Space will be a requirement for joining our Federation!

Important dates

i-Spaces can apply to the labelling process by 15th September 2022.

Find all the details about the call and the evaluation process on the BDVA website.