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DataWeek2023 was a success


DataWeek23 has come to an end. More than 200 participants enjoyed the sessions, panels and talks on the theme “Data Meets Infrastructure at the Edge”. 

EUHubs4Data has co-organised the event together with BDVA and RISE. During the opening and welcome session, EUH4D coordinator Daniel Saez shared the project’s timeline and highlighted the value and fundamental pillars of the federation of i-Spaces. He also touched on the tradition of events that led to #DataWeek. 


10 sessions were included in the EUHubs4Data track, called “Data-Driven Innovation and Experimentation”: 

  1. AI Testing and Experimentation Facilities and Data Spaces 
  2. Participatory data for innovation  
  3. EUH4D – EuroCC Synergies and alignment (bringing HPC-Data-AI ecosystems closer together) 
  4. EUHubs4Data Data Sharing Activities in Data-Driven Experimentation 
  5. Big Data and Edge Computing for Maritime Domain Awareness 
  6. Introduction to Data-Driven Business-EUH4D Mobility Programme 
  7. Digital transformation of process industries, exploring the potential of cognitive production plants 
  8. AI-native data management for robustness and sustainability 
  9. Hands-on course: How to establish data and AI ethics within SME ecosystems? A practical approach for iSpaces and DIHs to deliver “ethics as a service 
  10. Towards the implementation of High-Value Datasets – First hands-on 

The project took advantage of the gathering in Lulea to have its intensive 8th Plenary meeting.




The EUHubs4Data team organised 4 sessions: 

Together with EuroCC, the session “Synergies and alignment (bringing HPC-Data-AI ecosystems closer together)” discussed how to connect and collaborate to make society as a whole to benefit from data-driven innovation. 

More focused on the project’s results, the session “EUHubs4Data Data Sharing activities in Data-Driven Experimentation introduced the approach and challenges in the EUHubs4Data project related to Data Interoperability and Data Sharing, including reports from those experiments where data sharing has been experimented with and the integration of IDS with some of the DIH services. 

As part of the mobility programme developed by the project, the training “Introduction to Data-Driven Business” also took place for project members and DIHs/i-Spaces. 





The last session in the conference, the hands-on course “How to establish data and AI ethics within SME ecosystems? A practical approach for iSpaces and DIHs to deliver “ethics as a service”, equipped trainers with invaluable knowledge and tools to navigate ethical challenges in the ever-evolving data landscape with a glimpse on responsible data practices. 


All presentations of EUH4D sessions are already available through the event agenda. 


We look forward to meeting you at our forthcoming event, the European Big Data Value Forum 2023, in Valencia, Spain, between 25-27 October.