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Digital SME summit 2023


The first edition of the DIGITAL SME summit organised by European Digital SME Alliance will take place on 13 November 2023 at the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), in Brussels. The event will be an opportunity to connect European ICT SMEs and representatives from EU and international institutions, industry associations, researchers, journalists, and many more stakeholders.

When: 13 November 2023

The summit will make the case for a new paradigm in the digital landscape, building on the strategic role of innovative SMEs to put Europe at the forefront of technological development. For all European industrial ecosystems to embrace their digital transformation journey, Europe needs to be a leader in developing digital solutions, strategically leveraging bottom-up innovation coming from SMEs’ power force, as they remain the backbone of the continent’s economy.

This year’s edition has been conceived as a unique event entirely dedicated to SMEs, right in the heart of Europe. A commitment in creating a space where companies can exchange ideasshare interests, and build a fairer and more inclusive ecosystem for all markets’ participants.

The event is hybrid: register today!

A session about “Success Stories of European Digital Innovation Hubs – Driving Digital Decade Targets” featuring EUHubs4Data Experiments will take place at 14:30 in Room JDE 3252 – Floor 3.