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EUH4D Mobility Programme: new training opportunities available!


We’re excited to announce that a new training season is about to start.

In two weeks, two training courses will take place, boosted by the DIHs in the EUH4D Federation who want to share their competencies and skills with other interested DIHs and SMEs.

Save the date for March 6, 2023!

The two training courses are:

  • SCRUM project management introduction, delivered by DIHGIGAL.
    In this 6-hour training, participants will learn all about the Agile Manifesto and have an introduction to SCRUM‘s Roles, Artifacts, Events and life cycle.
    The training targets organisational procedure managers.
    If you’re interested, contact Josefina Alonso (josefina.alonso[AT]dihgigal.com)
  • Deep Learning in an HPC environment, delivered by CINECA.
    The training will introduce Cineca HPC infrastructure with a practical session and examples of Deep Learning Jobs (Object detection and Zero-shot detection). The training spans over two days and requires participants to have an SSH client on their local machines.
    The training is meant for a scientific or academic expert audience.
    Contact Giorgio Pedrazzi (g.pedrazzi[AT]cineca.it) to register.

Register today!

More training opportunities will soon be available; watch our website for more!