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EUH4D showed the value of the Federation to the IoT Community in Dublin


IoT Week 2022 took place last week after a two-year break. Big numbers for a post-Covid event: 380 speakers, 115 sessions, workshops and panel discussions, and close to 700 participants from 49 countries covering the 5 continents. And, of course, EUH4D was there.

Our project had a session, “Offering and Experiences of the European Federation of Data-driven Innovation Hubs”, with presentations led by project partners, followed by a discussion and the opportunity for the audience to ask questions. We also had a booth at the exhibition area, where our communication team led by IDC pleased the conference participants with orange goodies. Find us at the following conferences to have one!

But coming back to serious matters, what did we share and discuss in Dublin? First, our project coordinator, Daniel Alonso (ITI), gave an overview of the project. Then, he went beyond that and delivered a truckload of information about Open Calls, the rationale behind the Federation, the project’s main outcomes, including the federated catalogue already in place and being used by the network of Digital Innovation Hubs, and many other elements. The audience found insights into the ethics framework, built in the scope of the experiments, especially interesting.
EUH4D has learned to give a very comprehensive view of both the supply (services offered by the Hubs) and the demand (the customers of such services, mainly SMEs and startups). Therefore, each session and event is a new opportunity to explain the evolution on both sides.
Being in Ireland, we could not resist inviting our colleague Ricardo Simón Carbajo from CeADAR. Marcin Plociennik from the Poznan Supercomputing Center and Daniel Sáez from ITI joined the set of Hubs that presented their top services. They informed the audience about the added value of the Federation in their business activities and highlighted how Hubs work hand-in-hand with SMEs in experimenting with data. Very interesting experiments such as ASSESLEEP, FINCLUDE, FÖRECAST 2.0, and IOT-SESOD were described illustrating how essential these services are for developing the data economy in Europe and how key EUH4D has become in this context.

We are a true reference in data-driven experimentation.