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Meet the EUH4D Stakeholders’ Group


The EUH4D Stakeholders’ Group is a strategic group composed of identified representative stakeholders, who are critical players in the data economy on the one hand and are reference points in EUH4D’s work towards consolidating a future European Federation for cross-border data-driven experimentation and innovation on the other. In addition to bringing strategic value to the project and the future Federation, the Stakeholders also contribute to shaping the competitive European Ecosystem in which EUH4D operates.

The Stakeholders’ Group has three main objectives:

  1. To bring closer the strategic actors shaping the future of European Data Spaces.
  2. To act together in supporting EUH4D to align with the Data communities and leading players in Europe.
  3. To provide regular updates on the EUH4D goal towards the Federation of data-driven digital innovation hubs.

The members of the Stakeholders’ Group add value to both their ecosystems and their organisations, by

  • engaging strategically across ecosystems or communities
  • aligning with the EUH4D project
  • gaining visibility and knowledge by being part of a cohesive and engaged group of actors that are shaping the future of the European Data Space
  • obtaining recognition as a strategic stakeholder of the federation of European data-driven innovation hubs

Here are the members of the Stakeholders’ Group:

  1. AI4EU
  3. MediaFutures
  6. GAIA-X
  7. DIH4AI

Join the conversation and our Stakeholders’ Group: you will find all useful info on the dedicated page.