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New EURECAT training courses have started


Registration for the courses is open! Click on one of the courses to find our more information and register to attend!

A new training series as part of the EUHubs4Data Training Programme has started! The new masterclass is being developed under the EURECAT Academy umbrella and will last until December 2021. Here are several titles among the trainings (in Spanish):

  • Predictive maintenance 4.0 (ongoing from September 2021): This course allows you to learn the use of big data for predictive maintenance of factory equipment.
  • Methodology course for data analysis in R (starting 26 October): Data analysis and statistical analysis methodologies are indispensable tasks for scientific research activity. The use of the R application, in addition to being accessible and freely used, constitutes a powerful analytical tool. This course provides knowledge about the basic characteristics of the different types and methods of research and the techniques used in each of the stages of this process.
  • Data analytics and machine learning (ongoing from 4 October): This course offers an introduction to technologies and methodologies for extracting information in large data sets, both existing and those collected at runtime.
  • Infographics and data visualisation (starting 29 November): The infographic is visual representation in which descriptions, narratives or interpretations presented in a graphic, usually figurative way. This course will allow you to know and work on infographics as a way to transmit information and show data in an orderly, creative and very visual way.
  • Business-oriented geographic information technologies (starting 3 November): This course will teach the skills needed to successfully use GIS software in a professional environment. You will learn to capture, store, manipulate, manage spatial data; apply geospatial analysis in a variety of contexts; use mapping techniques to present all types of geographic data and their results in maps, web maps and web applications and to collaborate with colleagues in GIS fields and GIS-dependent fields.
  • Quality data management (starting 4 December 2021):The objectives of this course are: to train to establish a procedure for the management of data quality, to know the fundamental concepts in big data, characteristics of data quality and its processes and to define the architecture of the big data environment that we will have in the future.