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The 1st round of the EUH4D Federation expansion was a success


The European Commision and in particular the EUHubs4Data Federation aims to equal regional access to digitalisation measures by all firms.  

The new DIHs significantly expand the EUH4D service offering, internationally, domain-specifically and, of course, technologically. All these different enhancements will already come into play in the next two open-calls for experiments published by EUHubs4Data, enabling a variety of SMEs to conduct data-driven AI experiments around their services and products for which there are only a few funding opportunities so far. But it is precisely these riskier experiments that are needed to develop novel AI solutions in Europe and test them for market maturity. 

The open call for DIHs was launched in April this year, and was combined with the annual i-Space label call, published by the BDVA, to ensure the maturity and capabilities of the applying DIHs. After the expansion, the Federation has increased from 18 to 30 covered European regions located in 20 different countries. The selected DIHs are incorporated into the Federation in two stages: the first 9 hubs already in 2021 and the remaining 9 in 2022. 

The first of the two-remaining open calls for experiments will be launched in December this year and will allow existing and new DIHs in the federation to tender their services across Europe. By working with the small-sizes companies and other DIHs, we are fostering the emergence of a vibrant innovation data=driven ecosystem within the EU; we have already demonstrated this in the first open call for experiments, whose projects have just reached the mid-term stage and can be found at our website. 

Among many other important aspects, the Federation is also working on a technical interoperability solution for allow data sharing. EUHubs4Data is actively contributing to the data driven digitization of Europe and the establishing of European common Data Spaces. 

More information on the EUHubs4Data project. 

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