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Workshop: Improving SMEs’ data services through federated DIHs


The EUHubs4Data project together with DIGITAL SME is organizing a workshop on 17 November, 9.00 to 11.00 CET, to discuss how SMEs can access and benefit from European Digital Innovation Hubs expertise to develop their own services. 

By offering a range of services, from technical expertise, testing services, financing advice and more, Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) enable companies to face the challenges that digitalisation brings and feel confident that they are equipped to take advantage of the opportunities that can arise as digital processes are adopted.

The EUHubs4Data project is looking to take this step further – by creating a catalogue of data services for SMEs – that can be accessed by any European SMEs, rather than only those in the same region. This can help companies to better use their own data and access data from other sources, optimizing product and service development and delivery.

During the workshop, two DIHs will introduce their services and explain how the project hopes to develop the federation of data driven European DIHs so that European SMEs are able to access a greater range of technical services and expertise. We will then present the opportunity that the project offers for SMEs: participation in a product development experiment, where 14 SMEs will receive funding to test the services offered by the DIH federation to develop their service or product, so that the technical expertise offered by the federation can be validated in real world scenarios.

The workshop will close with presentations from SMEs currently engaged in the current funding round, to explain their experience with the experiments and offer some advice for companies interested in applying!

Registration is open and free here

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