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Data Forum 2022 is approaching!


On the 30th of March 20221, the EUHubs4Data project organises its face-to-face interactive workshop, the Data Forum 2022, focusing on discussing ways of building a federated and trusted data federation.

Data Forum is the project’s annual event to raise awareness, share results and recommendations and collect feedback on strategies and policies around data from the European Commission.

The workshop takes place in Leuven, Belgium, and is co-located with the LAILEC 2022 conference organised by the Centre of IT and IP Law of KU Leuven.

The workshop gathers experts and professionals in the fields of data sharing and its legal and ethical implications for broader discussion. In particular, the event focuses on the ethical and legal challenges for cross-border data-driven experimentation and how to address them. 
In particular, the event has three sessions: the first aims at setting the scene for the discussion and convenes keynote speakers from the European Commission, CiTiP Leuven and SAP. The second session goes deeper into the project’s perspectives on ethical and legal challenges in data-driven experimentation, involving project partners and experiments from the first call in 2021. Finally, the closing session discusses the future of the data federation fostered by EUHubs4Data and the following steps to ensure its sustainability.

The event welcomes entrepreneurs and SMEs creating data and AI services, DIHs wanting to strengthen their ecosystem, ethics and law scholars analysing the effects of the regulation, policy-makers and experts shaping the environment or anyone curious to see how the future of European innovation is shaped.

The full agenda is available at https://euhubs4data.eu/data-forum-22/ along with the link to the registration form.