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The second round of experiments kicked off their activities!


The second round of EUHubs4Data experiments funded from the Second Open Call kickstarted their activities!  

Here at the Federation, we are excited about the projects showing that solving real-world problems for European startups and SMEs with cross-border DIH collaboration is possible!  

The experiments are a crucial asset of EUHubs4Data, as they aim to attract the demand side to the Federation, showing clear examples of the use and application of the federated services, datasets and training by SMEs and startups over Europe.  

During the Spring, EUHubs4Data selected 14 new experiments to expand the pool of collaborating SMEs and startups. As a result, the dedicated section on our website is being enriched these days with details on the objectives and impact of each of the new experiments.  

The new experiments will address challenges such as climate risk assessment, advanced monitoring in digital manufacturing, energy management, operations optimization, tourism, job applications and comics.  

EUH4D welcomes the new experiments and SMEs behind them! 

  1. ClimateByte from Amigo SRL 
  2. AutoML4.0 from Statwolf LTD 
  3. EUH4FreshIndex from tsenso GmbH 
  4. GEM-Retail2.0 from ENERGENIUS SRL 
  5. SMARTlowercasing from Geo Comix SAS 
  6. DronCAS from FuVeX Civil SL 
  7. BlixtZero from Blixt Tech AB 
  8. MobilitySquare from iMpronta  
  9. EnergAI from Useful Gravity Lda 
  11.  Employchain_ESCO from BlockchainX AB 
  13.  STARTUP-RADAR from Linknovate Science S.L.
  14.  Agri-Impact from Valeur-Tech 

We are opening the third and last call for experiments in September. If you have any questions about the experiments, the findings or the call, do not hesitate to contact us. Stay up-to-date with all the relevant announcements by following us on Social Media, too!