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1st round of the Experiment Programme: ASSESLEEP experiment has just finished


Do you ever wonder if you sleep well enough?

Sleep is important, but sleep problems and disorders are increasingly present in our society, negatively impacting the quality of life and health of the population. However, nowadays sleep diagnostics are intrusive, complicated and expensive.

BitBrain, a neurotechnology SME that combines neuroscience, AI, and advanced sensor technology was part of our 1st round of the cross-border data-driven experiments programme through the running of the ASSESLEEP Experiment. BitBrain develops accurate sleep monitoring devices to record sleep behaviours. Its solution is an easy sleep monitoring headband, a band super comfortable and not comparable with other medical devices, based on an ergonomic and smart technology.

This experiment has contributed to the creation of comprehensive real-world sleep datasets. Based on these data, they are developing accurate sleep stage scoring algorithms for noisy uncontrolled environments, which is a key data-driven innovation enabling their future products. Also, they will publish recordings to demonstrate their technology and stimulate R&D and business operations in the space of sleep eHealth.

Thanks to the participation in the EUHubs4Data first call for experiments, BitBrain could benefit from the expertise of different Digital Innovation Hubs to understand if the sleeping environment somehow influences sleep behaviours. The company could also develop its technical infrastructure, becoming more independent in data analysis. Last but not least, BitBrain could learn how to create the maximum value from their data and algorithms, to be more efficient and accurate in future elaborations.

The achievements of the ASSESLEEP experiment will help BitBrain improve the diagnostic accuracy of their devices, paving the way for personalised sleep therapies.

Watch the video explaining the experiment in detail.

This experiment was coached by Aragón DIH and used services from CeADAR and Know-Center. The services used to achieve BitBrain’s technical milestones were: