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SOFIA DSS Hackathon is coming soon!


A call to IT students, junior solution architects, software developers, engineers and anyone immersed in the tech universe: it’s the last day to sign up to take part in the SOFIA DSS hackathon! 

SOFIA 4.0 is an experiment funded by EUHubs4Data calls for innovation experiments run by RENVIS, which provides B2B Software Development Solutions to companies. In particular, SOFIA is a cooperative Decision Support System (DSS) used to convert Innovation Scoring methodology to Innovation Scoring Models and Scorecards.

The Hackathon wants participants to find the best way to implement ML & AI into our SOFIA DSS Innovation Scoring platform.

What is the Challenge about?

Find the best data-driven solution and integrate it on our SOFIA DSS Innovation Scoring platform!
You will be given access to pre-configured Virtual Machines, loaded with all the necessary tools to create Jupyter notebooks that can analyze, process and configure Machine Learning Models, to solve a given problem by using data. 

Sign up today at https://renvis.gr/sofia-dss-hackathon-2022/