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A successful participation to EBDVF22


EBDVF is the yearly flagship event of BDVA, bringing together industry professionals, business developers, researchers and policy-makers from all over Europe and other regions of the world to advance policy actions, as well as industrial and research activities in the areas of Data and AI.

EUHubs4Data project, as Diamond Sponsor of the event, had a very active role in this edition of the European Big Data Value Forum 2022 in Prague organizing one session, participating in some slots, and having a dedicated booth. From the 21st to the 23rd of November 2022, in a physical format and bearing the theme “At the Heart of the Ecosystem for Data and AI”, the project had an opportunity to share the achievements and future vision of the federation with over 400 participants.

Also, over 30 project partners were speakers at the event, addressing topics like Data and AI regulation, how to join forces in Europe towards industrial AI, lessons learnt from Data Platforms projects, and Data Spaces and Beyond, among others.

During the first day, EUH4D sponsored and co-chair the BDVA i-Spaces ceremony, where the new i-Spaces selected in 2022 were recognized and the story and achievements of the last 6 years of the BDVA i-Spaces were presented. All BDVA i-Spaces that have obtained this label over the years were highlighted, and the attendees had the opportunity to know the plans for the future of the federation of BDVA i-Spaces (set-up and materialized through EUH4D).

In addition, EUH4D project organised and moderated the session “Data-driven incubators (EUH4D)” with the participation of other 3 relevant projects: reach incubator, i4Trust and Media Futures. These projects started in 2020, sharing a common general objective, to foster Data-Driven innovation among the startups and SMEs to break “data silos” in Europe and in the regional ecosystems, each project addressing this objective from different perspectives.

The session had the presence and participation of Kimmo Rossi Head of Sector “Research and Innovation Execution in the DVC (Data Value Chain)” DGCNECT and Project Officer of EUH4D.

All the projects presented their visions and achievements, in the case of EUH4D the federated catalogue, the results of the open calls for experiments, the EUH4D ethics framework and plans for the future were highlighted.

During the panel, the participants discussed about the future and how all these projects can collaborate after funding phase, identifying some exploitable results of their projects and exploring possible avenues of collaboration among other projects to support their respective sustainability strategies.

Daniel Alonso – from our coordinator partner ITI – has presented EUH4D and highlighted the BDVA i-Spaces and the EUH4D federation as an interface between the data spaces & HPC communities during the session How HPC can boost sustainable development and strengthen competitiveness for Industry and SME. The discussion was focused on how we can reach out to new users so that many more can benefit from the investments that are made and the ones that are coming. Also, possible alignments between i-Spaces / EUH4D and the HPC community were discussed.

The project was present at the exhibition area with an EUH4D booth with the presence of representatives from ITI, CINECA, IDC, IMT, ITAINNOVA, KNOW CENTER, TNO and RISE partners.

During the 3 days, it was possible to meet and interact with the visitors and share with them information about the project, its activities, and achievements. Thanks to BDVA and all participants for the fruitful conversations at our booth. It was a pleasure to see familiar faces and meet new players in our ecosystem.

The next edition of the European Big Data Value Forum 2023 will be organized by BDVA and ITI as local organizer and will take place in Valencia, Spain. 

We are excited to have you all in Spain.