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Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub, Cloud Computing and Storage resources

Computing and Storage Infrastructure (IaaS), Infrastructure Access
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Cloud Compute gives you the ability to deploy and scale virtual machines ( VM ) and virtual data center (VDC) on-demand, with NVMe cluster storage or SSD distributed block storage It offers guaranteed computational resources in a secure and isolated environment with standard API access, without the overhead of managing physical servers.

Cloud Compute offers the possibility to select pre-configured virtual appliances (e.g. CPU, memory, disk, operating system or software) from a catalogue.


Several options available

  1. - Base performance instance type. VPS/VDS | 2 vCore | 4GB RAM | 30GB NVME + 50GB SSD VPS/VDS | 4 vCore | 8GB RAM | 30GB NVME + 75GB SSD VPS/VDS | 6 vCore | 12GB RAM | 30GB NVME + 100GB SSD VPS/VDS | 8 vCore | 16GB RAM | 30GB NVME + 150GB SSD Features: Accessible in opportunistic or reserved ways CPU cores could be overcommitted Ideals for: Web services Micro-services Development environments Building server Small database Test environments.
  2. - Compute-intensive instance. VPS/VDS | 6 vCore | 8GB RAM | 50GB NVME + 150GB SSD VPS/VDS | 6 vCore | 12GB RAM | 100GB NVME + 200GB SSD VPS/VDS | 8 vCore | 16GB RAM | 150GB NVME + 300GB SSD VPS/VDS | 12 vCore| 24GB RAM | 200GB NVME + 400GB SSD Optimised Instance for computing tasks.

Features: High performance CPU cores Until 64 CPU cores Real CPU cores (no overcommitted) Low latency network Reserved instances

Ideals for: Batch computing High-performance applications and web services Distributed analysis Video Encoding 3 - high-CPU/memory instance VPS/VDS | 16 vCore | 32GB RAM | 400GB NVME + 800GB SSD VPS/VDS | 32 vCore | 128GB RAM | 800GB NVME + 1600GB SSD VPS/VDS | 64 vCore | 256GB RAM | 1600GB NVME + 3200GB SSD

Optimised instances for tasks that require more memory relative to virtual CPUs. Features: High amount of RAM and CPU core. Until 256 GB of RAM in total.

Reserved instances Ideals for: Running in-memory database Running in-memory stores (e.g. redis, memcached) In-memory big data processing engines. Storage : - NVMe , NVME-oF distributed cluster storage - SSD/HDD , BeeGFS distributed cluster storage


  • Service hosting: the Astimp Cloud Compute can be used to host any IT service as web servers, databases, etc. Cloud features, as elasticity, can help users to provide better performance and reliable services.
  • Compute and data intensive applications: for those applications needing considerable amount of resources in terms of computation and/or memory and/or intensive I/O.
  • Ad-hoc computing environments can be created in the Astimp cloud providers to satisfy extremely intensive HW resource requirements.
  • Datasets repository: the Astimp Cloud can be used to store and manage large datasets exploiting the large amount of disk storage available in the Federation.
  • Disposable and testing environments: environments for training or testing new developments.


Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub


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