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The experiments of the third and final call from EUHubs4Data are ongoing; amongst the many benefits being provided to SMEs throughout the EU, one of them is the Big Data and AI Maturity Assessment framework, developed by CeADAR, Ireland’s National […]
12 / 10 / 2023
Aditya Grover, Andrés Suarez-Cetrulo, Ricardo Simon Carbajo |
According to state-of-the-art, the most common reasons why SMEs fail in their endeavours include: lack of capital or funding, inadequate management team, faulty infrastructure or business model, and unsuccessful marketing initiatives. Consequently, designing a credible roadmap for most small and […]
15 / 02 / 2023
Marco Graziadio |
Cineca Image
Guidelines to think about how to conduct a successful study based on responsible Big Data research When carrying out research on privacy-preserving Big Data technologies, researchers should not overlook ethical, legal, societal and economic implications of big data applications. Zook […]
28 / 06 / 2021
Richard Stevens |
How can SMEs promote privacy by design so that the European data economy puts citizens’ rights at its centre The European data market is growing daily. As data exchanges increase and the European data economy takes off, the tension between […]
25 / 05 / 2021
James Philpot |
European DIGITAL SME Alliance
 How can SMEs enable traditional industries adopt AI and data services? While the pace of European digitalisation is slowly increasing, this is not happening in a harmonised and horizontal manner across all industries. For many companies, and many traditional industries, […]
21 / 05 / 2021
James Philpot |
European DIGITAL SME Alliance
Artificial Intelligence SME
Marin Iuga gives an overview of his talk at the Data Forum event Artificial Intelligence remains one of the main strategic differentiators in winning the global competitiveness race in the decades to come. European Union is trying to shape its own strategy […]
23 / 03 / 2021
Marin Luga |
European DIGITAL SME Alliance