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Discover the EUHubs4Data solid ecosystem that brings together all the relevant European initiatives around the data economy.

EUHubs4Data aims to actively contribute to the alignment of existing European initiatives towards the common objective of mobilizing, sharing and making available all types of data (close/open, personal/industrial, private/public, research …), in order to get value from them, foster the data driven innovation in Europe, and contribute to the creation of the Common European Data Spaces

To this end, EUhubs4Data will create a solid ecosystem, bringing together relevant European initiatives around the data economy, fostering collaboration among those initiatives towards common objectives, attracting SMEs and start-ups to use and benefit from the federated services and data sources, and raising awareness in society about the benefits of data driven innovation.

EUH4D Community Map
European Data incubators
  • Support to experiments
  • Sustainability of developed services
  • Learn from experience and best practices
  • Bring data providers, datasets, SMEs
SME networks
  • Data based services to SMEs
  • Disseminate among SMEs
  • Attract SMEs
AI initiatives
  • Datasets and services for AI
  • Experience and best practices
  • Attract end users
Other networks of DIH
  • Datasets and data services for specific sectors
  • Geographical coverage
  • Experience and best practices from specific sector
  • New DIHs to the federation
  • Platforms and services around data to experimentation
  • Complementary skills
  • Skills and training to include in the service offer
European projects
  • Capitalize and scaling up of solutions and outcomes
  • Enrichment of the federated data driven catalogue

Taking this initial value proposition as starting point, the project will work on a more detailed mapping of stakeholders, producing a clear and specific value proposition for each one, which will focus on what EUHubs4Data could offer, and what EUHubs4Data could get from those initiatives.